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Bowie knives: America's most iconic knife

The bowie, and no we don't mean the famous British rock musician, is one of the most iconic fixed knives ever. Throughout the years many different versions of this classic were introduced. The most famous version can be recognized from the cross guard and the clip point style blade. Bowie knives are often also large hunting knives that are enhanced with a leather sheath.

The emergence of the bowie knife

The bowie knife is originally from Arkansas, the United States. The knife was designed by James Black in the 19th century for James Bowie, an American pioneer and freemason. James Bowie became famous because of his role in the Texan Revolution and is still considered to be a hero in Texas today. The bowie knife really became popular after James Bowie used a large knife during a dual called 'the Sandbar Fight'. You guessed it, it was the knife designed by James Black. Ever since this type of knife is known as the bowie knife.

The bowie knife today

Many current bowie knives are still enhanced with the classic elements that remain true to the way bowie knives were produced in 1900. Materials such as wood, messing, bone and leather, for instance. Nevertheless, we also see that many knife brands, which mostly focus on modern pocket knives, are inspired by this American classic. Especially the bowie-style blade, which is characterized by the upwards facing clip point style tip, is often used. For knives made by, for instance, Cold Steel and Rick Hinderer Knives.