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Knivesandtools Exclusives: our kind of knives

Knivesandtools Exclusive

Knivesandtools Exclusives knives are limited edition knives that are produced according to our own specifications. Sometimes we see a knife and think: amazing model. However, if we change this or that, it will be even better. In cooperation with the manufacturer we try to come up with an even better version. Our Knivesandtools Exclusives. Only a limited amount of these knives are made, so they are real collector's items. Be there quickly because they are only available while stocks last.

What makes Knivesandtools Exclusives different?

Knivesandtools Exclusives are different because of the use of special materials and finishes. Think of a steel upgrade, a special type of material used for the handle or a cool colour. All knives we love to own. That is why we want to make them accessible to you. Once sold out a Knivesandtools Exclusive will never return. Otherwise it won't be an exclusive knife!