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Outdoor knives: Reliable companions for the outdoors

If you keep a good outdoor knife close you can embark upon any adventure! Whether you go out hunting, love to survival, hike or if you use it for bushcraft purposes: with an outdoor knife you will have an indispensable companion close. You can use this knife to easily start a fire or built shelter when you need it most. If you properly know how to handle a knife an outdoor knife can come in handy for many different purposes. Even in unforeseen situations you will be able to handle your own.

What is an outdoor knife?

An outdoor knife is a fixed knife you can use for one or multiple outdoor activities. Think of hunting knives, bushcraft knives, survival knives or knives for hiking purposes. Solid knives that were designed to be used. Outdoor knives are available in many different price ranges: from less than 20 euros to a couple hundred euros for the high-end versions.