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A good machete will get through
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Machetes, the sharpest tool in your hand

Machetes are tools between a large knife and a small sword in size (around 30–50 cm long). Machetes are often used in agriculture and in the tropics in particular. Machetes are ideal to hack your way in the jungle or to chop sugar cane. In first instance, this is a tool that is used frequently throughout the world.


The origin of the machete

The name is Spanish in origin and means ‘little sledge hammer’. This says something about their usual sturdy build. Crushing a coconut should not be a problem for a good machete. The shape of machetes can vary. That relates to the origin of the particular type among other things. A Kukri is originally a Nepalese machete with a curved shape whereas the Parang and the Indonesian Golok have a much straighter blade. Many warriors also used a machete as it was the sharpest tool available to them. Machetes are jungle knives par excellence, as you can simply hack away around you with them.

The steel and the sharpness of machetes

The steel types machetes are made from can vary. In some cases a cheaper steel type is used to keep the price low and sometimes the materials used are of very high quality. A machete is always very strong and can withstand vigorous hacking. If carbon steel is used it will not be rust-resistant. Not all machetes are supplied razor sharp. That is not a problem in many cases because they are not used to peel an apple but for chopping. Of course you can also sharpen a machete perfectly on a Japanese whetstone, but it will take some time because of the length of the cutting surface.

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 Cold Steel Kukri Machete, 97KMS

Durable Kukri machete with Cordura sheath. Handle/Blade: Polypropylene & 1055 Carbon Steel. Blade length: 13 inch

 Cold Steel - Magnum Kukri Machete

Durable Magnum Kukri machete with Cordura sheath. Handle/Blade: Polypropylene & 1055 Carbon Steel. Blade length: 17 inch

 Kershaw Camp 14, 1076 machete

Handle/blade: rubber/65Mn Blade length: 35,5 cm Weight: 600 gram

 Extrema Ratio KS

The Extrema Ratio KS is a more compact and versatile machete with a forward cut ideal for individual equipment. Blade length: 24,5 cm. Blade steel: N690 (54HRC). Including semi-rigid calf sheath.

 Gerber Bear Grylls Machete Parang incl. nylon sheath

Parang from the Bear Grylls series by Gerber. A parang is the modern version of a traditional machete.
The parang features a full tang construction, which makes it incredibly strong.

 ColdSteel Gurkha Kukri O-1

Robust Kukri machete crafted from O-1 carbon steel. Incredibly durable tool for cutting, chopping, breaching etc. Blade length: 30.5 cm.

 Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Plus O1, 39LGKI

Durable Kukri machete made of O1 carbon steel. Incredibly durable, ideal for cutting, chopping, breaching, etc.

 Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Parang

Greep/lemmet: kunststof/1055 Lemmetlengte: 23,7 cm Gewicht: 335 gram

 SOG Jungle Canopy

Large fixed blade knife that is categorised somewhere between an extremely large knife and a small machete. As you can expect, this knife is exceptionally strong and is ideal for cutting, as well as chopping and levering.

 Gerber Gator Machete

Handle/blade: plastic/high carbon steel
Blade length: 46.5 cm
Weight: 560 g

 Extrema Ratio Kreios

Handle/blade: Forprene/N690
Blade length: 28.8 cm
Weight: 630 grams

 KA-BAR Becker TacTool BK3, polyester sheath

Handle/blade: Zytel/1095 carbon steel
Blade length: 17.5 cm
Weight: 530 grams

 Buck 108 Compadre Froe 0108WAS-B, machete

Handle/blade: walnut wood/5160 carbon steel
Blade length: 24.8 cm
Weight: 670 g

 Steel Will Chieftain 1610 fixed knife, green

Handle/blade: micarta/1095 carbon steel
Blade length: 18.9 cm
Weight: 500 grams

 Steel Will Chieftain 1620 fixed knife, red

Handle/blade: micarta/1095 carbon steel
Blade length: 18.9 cm
Weight: 500 grams

 Steel Will Druid 230 lightweight machete

Handle/blade: TPE/9Cr18MoV
Blade length: 23.0 cm
Weight: 320 g

 CRKT Mah-Chete machete - 3100

Handle/blade: walnut wood/1075-carbon steel Blade length: 30,9 cm Weight: 160 gram

 Fox Parang Bushcraft FX-0107153

Handle/blade: Forprene/N690Co Blade length: 16,8 cm Weight: 350 gram

 Fox FX-687 Parang XL

Handle/blade: ABS/12C27 Blade length: 27,0 cm Weight: 420 gram

 Helle Lappland 70 camping knife

Handle/blade: birch wood/Sandvik 12C27 Blade length: 21,3 cm Weight: 325 gram

 Kershaw Camp 10, 1077 machete

Handle/blade: rubber/65Mn Blade length: 26,0 cm Weight: 520 gram

 Karesuando Huggaren 3512 camping knife

Handle/blade: curly birch-wood with reindeer antlers/stainless steel Blade Length:18,0 cm Weight: 210 gram

 ESEE Lite Machete, nylon scheath

Handle/blade: micarta/carbon steel Blade length: 43,5 cm Weight: 500 gram

 ESEE Knives Junglas desert tan, EE-JUNGLAS, kydex sheath

Handle/blade: micarta/1095 carbon steel Blade length: 25.2 cm Weight: 635 grams

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