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Wood carving knives: for creative individuals and bushcraft enthusiasts

You use wood carving knives to carve wood. From carving a spoon with a spoon knife to decorative work. Especially in Scandinavia wood carving is very popular. However, because of the ever-growing popularity of bushcraft wood carving has become more and more popular elsewhere as well. Purchase a wood carving or spoon knife at Knivesandtools and get creative!

Wood carving and spoon knives for Bushcraft purposes

In the bushcraft world everyone knows that a wood carving knife is an essential part of your standard gear. After all, you are more precise with a wood carving knife than with your all-round bushcraft knife. When carving a spoon at the camp-fire or making your own kuksa (Scandinavian drinking cup) a spoon knife is indispensable. We sell the best wood carving and spoon knives, all delivered from stock.