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Military knives and tactical knives, perfect for the professional tasks

Military knives and tactical knives are, obviously, meant for tactical use. This means that they are often used in situations where you definitely need to be able to rely on your knife. Although you might think of military use when you think of tactical use, a tactical knife is meant to be used by a broader audience.

For everyone who is in need of an extremely solid knife a tactical knife will be the perfect choice. Often a lot of attention is paid to tactical and military knives which is why they are popular collector’s items. Take, for instance, the Bowie knife made by Böker or the Tanto knife made by Cold Steel. Both are absolute eye catchers that, in addition to their wonderful look and feel, are also amazing to use.

Tactical knives need to adhere to the toughest demands

A fixed knife is even stronger than a folding knife. After all, the pivot on a folding knife could potentially be a weak(er) link. When you decide to purchase a tactical knife absolute strength is a must. For this reason most people often choose a fixed tactical knife. In many cases tactical knives have been designed in cooperation with military experts who know best what someone might need when in the field. Think, for instance, of sustainable materials and solid constructions that can withstand dirt and water. These knives also need to be designed as such that they are easy to manage when wearing gloves. Whether you need to take hold of it, open the blade or control the lock.

Camouflage knives and a black blade

To not stand out during use military knives have often been enhanced with a black blade and a black or camouflage coloured handle. Incredibly functional! However, many people often decide to purchase a black knife because it simply looks amazing!

Smooth vs serrated blade

Military or tactical knives are made with both smooth and serrated blades. The advantage of a serrated blade is that it will easily cut through rope and textile. In addition, a serrated blade will stay sharp a lot longer than a blade with a plain edge. However, the disadvantage is that cutting with a serrated blade leaves you with a frayed blade. In addition, a serrated blade is more difficult to sharpen.