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Opinel children's knives: cook as a family

Opinel's kitchen knives for children make cooking fun and safe! The collection includes a kitchen knife, peeler and finger guard. There's a special ring at the end of the handle to ensure the children hold the knife in the correct way. The blade has a rounded tip but is sharp enough to allow for easy cutting.

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Features of Opinel children's knives

Some knife brands include children's knives that are simply regular chef's knives in a smaller version. Opinel's kitchen knives, on the other hand, are clearly designed especially for children. Designed in such a way that children will automatically hold the knife in the correct and safest way. Opinel makes cooking fun for the children while alleviating any concerns for parents.

The perfect gift

Opinel children's knives make for the perfect gift. They come in nice, sustainable packaging. And imagine: wouldn't it be an empowering feeling for children when they finally get the confidence to cut with their very own kitchen knife?

It's better to wash these knives by hand

Even though Opinel states that these knives are dishwasher safe, we recommend washing them by hand. Between the aggressive detergent and the high temperatures, the dishwasher will damage the wooden handles in the long run. In addition, the dishwasher is notorious for causing spots of rust on even stainless types of steel.