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Opinel Les Forgés kitchen knives: impress the demanding chef

The Opinel Les Forgés 1890 collection is an impressive example of the excellent quality the French knife industry has to offer. These knives combine contemporary design with the unmistakable craftsmanship rooted in centuries of tradition. Even the most demanding chefs will be impressed by the Les Forgés 1890 kitchen knives. These knives were unmistakably inspired by Opinel's pocket knives. The beech wood handles are an homage to Opinel's famous pocket knives.

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Features of the Opinel Les Forgés kitchen knives

Beech wood handle

The handles of these kitchen knives are made from stabilized beech wood. The wood is stabilized by adding synthetic resin with the help of some heat and under high pressure. By stabilizing the wood, it won't be affected as much by temperature and moisture. In addition, it enables the manufacturer to add a coat of colour. Opinel selected a nice, dark brown colour which makes the knife look unique and very luxurious.

Please be aware that materials like wood have natural variations. The knife you receive can therefore be subtly different from the product photos. The model and type of material, however, will always be the same. All the knives are unique, which is of course what makes them so special.

Strong X50CrMoV15 steel

The blade is forged from one piece of X50CrMoV15 steel that runs throughout the entire handle. Because of this, the balance of these knives is excellent. This type of steel is stainless, wear and tear resistant and hard enough to cut and peel vegetables, fruit or potatoes. That is why it is a popular choice for knives made in Europe.

Maintenance of Les Forgés knives

Kitchen knives from the Les Forgés collection are not dishwasher proof. Wash them by hand and immediately dry them afterwards. The handle might be waterproof, but you shouldn't let the knife soak in water. Wash it after use, dry it well and store it.