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My First Victorinox: children's pocket knives for adventurous children

Victorinox children's pocket knives were specifically designed for small hands. It offers a safe way to learn more about the wondrous world of pocket knives. Perfect for kids who love to play in the woods. Everyone remembers their first pocket knife. Wouldn't it be great to share this experience with your children in a safe way?

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Features of My First Victorinox children's pocket knives

My First Victorinox pocket knife: blade

Victorinox has given these pocket knives a blunt tip. But don't be mistaken: the edge itself is sharp. The lack of a sharp, pointy tip simply decreases the risk of accidents. The sharp edge, however, is necessary to be able to cut things. If the edge were dull, it would actually increase the risk of accidents as you would need to apply more force.

My First Victorinox pocket knife: handle

The handles of these knives are made colourful plastic. The handles are specially designed for small hands, offering the child a good grip on the knife and preventing the knife from slipping out of the hand. The handles are available in fun colours and patterns.

My First Victorinox pocket knife: tools

In addition to the knife this pocket knife has some other tools as well. There is a bottle opener with screwdriver, tweezers, tooth pick and a saw. Everything to make sure children can safely learn how to deal with pocket knives. These children's pocket knives always come with a neck strap or chain. They'll never lose it when playing outdoors!