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Victorinox Signature: always have a pen and pocket knife at hand

With the Victorinox Signature you will never have to borrow a pen ever again. This multi-functional pocket knife not only includes traditional tools such as scissors, a knife and a bottle opener, but also a handy ballpoint pen. That way, you'll always have a pen at hand. There are also additional functions such as a file that doubles as a screwdriver. The Signature has everything you need in one compact little tool.

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Victorinox Signature vs. Victorinox Signature Lite

Victorinox's Signature Lite is not only equipped with a ballpoint pen, but also with a handy LED light. The LED light replaces the toothpick and tweezers. With the additional light you can even use your knife in the dark. This makes the Signature Lite a handy and versatile pocket knife perfect for all kinds of situations, both day and night.

Features of Victorinox Signature Lite

With a length of only 58 mm the Signature Lite is one of the smallest pocket knives in the Victorinox range. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, you'll always have room for it. Whether that is inside your pocket, on your key ring with the handy key ring, or as an indispensable item in a minimalist survival kit, this pocket knife is always ready for action.

Victorinox Signature Lite: tools

The Victorinox Signature Lite is a compact and versatile pocket knife with a built-in LED light, ballpoint pen, knife blade, nail file with screwdriver function and scissors. The LED light makes it possible to use the knife in the dark and provides a handy light source in various situations. The retractable ballpoint pen ensures that you always have a writing utensil at hand, and when the ink runs out, it can be easily replaced. The thin and short blade is suitable for various small cutting jobs. The nail file doubles as a screwdriver at the end, making it a practical two-in-one tool. The scissors, although small in size, are extremely effective for performing precise cutting tasks. With all these features, the Victorinox Signature Lite is a handy companion for everyday use and adventurous expeditions.


Reliability and perfection up to the smallest details: a Victorinox is a real life companion. Victorinox guarantees that all knives and multi-tools are made from stainless steel. For that reason Victorinox gives out a lifelong warranty on material and production flaws. This means you don't have to worry if you find a production flaw.

Victorinox: the one and only Swiss army knife

For many, the first pocket knife they ever had was a Victorinox. Victorinox pocket knives, also called Swiss army knives, have a distinct design featuring the shield and cross. Victorinox pocket knives are equipped with many different tools like saws, screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, files, rulers and many more. Moreover, these pocket knives are available in practically every price range.