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Victorinox Midnite Manager: a small pocket knife with ballpoint pen and a light

With the Victorinox Manager you will never have to borrow a pen again. This pocket knife is not only enhanced with all traditional tools you often find on Swiss pocket knives, but also with a pen. As such you will always have a pen close, great! The Manager is also enhanced with scissors, a knife, a bottle opener and file. The file doubles as a screwdriver.

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Victorinox Manager vs. Midnite Manager

The Midnite Manager is no ordinary pocket knife. It is equipped with a handy LED light, replacing the traditional toothpick and tweezers of the standard Manager. With this light you can even use your knife in the dark.

Features of Victorinox Manager

With a length of only 58 mm, the Midnite Manger is one of the smallest pocket knives in the Victorinox range. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, this versatile tool easily finds a place in your pocket, on your keychain or in a minimalist survival kit. The addition of the LED light is great, as it ensures you'll always have light wherever you are.

Victorinox Manager and Midnite Manager: diversity of tools

The Victorinox Manager offers more than just the usual tools and has a total of 10 functions. The Midnite Manager retains this functionality, but distinguishes itself by cleverly replacing the traditional toothpick and tweezers with a handy LED light.

Among the few models from Victorinox that features a ballpoint pen, this pocket knife also includes other tools such as a blade, a bottle opener with magnetic Phillips screwdriver, scissors and a file that doubles as a screwdriver. The standard Manager comes with a toothpick and tweezers, but the Midnite Manager instead offers a light. What do you prefer: the tweezers and toothpick or the LED light? It's up to you!

Victorinox Midnite Manager

Thanks to the built-in LED light, you can even use this pocket knife in the dark. With its many different tools, the Victorinox Midnite Manager is ready to help you with any task. This versatile Swiss army knife is a must-have for any adventurer!

Victorinox: the one and only Swiss army knife

For many, the first pocket knife they ever had was a Victorinox. Victorinox pocket knives, also called Swiss army knives, have a distinct design featuring the shield and cross. Victorinox pocket knives are equipped with many different tools like saws, screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, files, rulers and many more. Moreover, these pocket knives are available in practically every price range.