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Victorinox Huntsman: Victorinox' best-selling pocket knife in 2023

The Victorinox Huntsman is based on the legendary 'officer's knife'. This was Victorinox's first Swiss pocket knife that started it all. The characteristic appearance of the Huntsman will look familiar to many people. It is probably even the pocket knife most people will picture when hearing the term 'pocket knife'.

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Features of Victorinox Huntsman

With its 15 tools, the Victorinox Huntsman is ready to help you with any task. Cut, saw, cut, pick and screw. This versatile Swiss pocket knife offers all the essential tools for every adventurer! When you think of a Swiss pocket knife, you'll probably picture the Victorinox Huntsman.

The Victorinox Huntsman is available with different handle materials, making it highly collectible.

What makes the Huntsman special?

The Victorinox Huntsman is an iconic pocket knife. Throughout the years the pocket knife evolved in cooperation with the Swiss army and outdoor enthusiasts. It is still so popular today because of its proven reliability and versatility.

Other versions of the Huntsman collection

In addition to the standard Victorinox Huntsman with 15 tools, there's also the Huntsman Lite, with 21 tools. The Huntsman Lite is equipped with a little light, ensuring you're always able to find your way in the dark. This version also features an extra cross-head screwdriver, a needle and a ball-point pen.

What was the Huntsman designed for?

Originally, the Huntsman was developed for military use. It also meets the requirements of outdoor enthusiasts, campers and adventurers. It contains most essential tools which are common for a Swiss pocket knife, all made from stainless steel, stored in a compact casing. You can get through almost anything. When it's time to get off the beaten track you will want to keep your Victorinox Huntsman close.