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Victorinox Pioneer Swiss army knives: exactly the right tools

The Victorinox Pioneer is one of the most famous Swiss army knives. These Pioneers are compact and don’t have many different tools. You’ll always have the right amount of tools with you. Not only among consumers these knives are popular, but army personnel worldwide get equipped with these convenient knives. Proof that these Victorinox’s are indispensable in many different situations.

 Victorinox Farmer

Swiss army knife with extra saw.

 Victorinox Pioneer Alox silver

Greep/lemmet: aluminium/roestbestendig staal Lemmetlengte: 6,4 cm Gewicht: 70 gram

 Victorinox Pioneer X

Handle/blade: aluminum/stainless steel Blade length: 7,3 cm Weight: 94 grams

 Victorinox Pioneer 1 Alox, silver

Functions: 1 Length: 93 mm Weight: 45 grams

 Victorinox Pioneer Electrician Alox silver, Swiss pocket knife

Functions: 7 Length: 93 mm Weight:69 grams

 Victorinox Pioneer Rancher Alox silver, Swiss pocket knife

Functions: 6 Length: 93 mm Weight: 70 grams

 Victorinox Pioneer Alox Olive Limited Edition 2017 Swiss pocket knife

Functions: 8 - Weight: 70 grams Blade length: 6,4 cm Handle/blade: aluminum/stainless steel

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