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Victorinox SwissCard: a credit-card sized multi-tool

The Victorinox SwissCard is a practical miniature credit-card sized multi-tool. Thanks to its compact size, the SwissCard is perfect to carry in your wallet, bag or pocket. With this practical multi-tool you'll always have the most important tools within reach, in a friendly-looking package. After all, many people look a little less surprised by a SwissCard than when you get a pocket knife out of your pocket.

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Features of Victorinox SwissCard

There are different versions of the SwissCard available. There's the standard version called the Classic, which contains a small knife, a pair of scissors, a screwdriver and nail file, a ball-point pen, tweezers, a toothpick and a needle.

SwissCard Classic vs SwissCard NailCare

In addition to the Classic, there's also the NailCare for those who like their nails to be in top condition. The steel nail file was replaced by a fine glass nail file. The Nailcare has a magnifying glass instead of a knife, and a screwdriver with as many as 4 different bits! As the Swiss NailCare doesn't contain a knife, it is legal almost everywhere.

SwissCard Classic vs SwissCard Lite

The name already gives it away. Compared to its predecessor, the SwissCard Lite is enhanced with an LED light. The toothpick and tweezers were removed to make room for the LED light. The SwissCard Lite is also enhanced with extra magnifying glass and screwdriver with no less than four different screwdrivers. With the additional light you can even use your knife in the dark.