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Victorinox RangerGrip: pocket knife with a large blade

Characterizing about the Victorinox RangerGrip is the soft, black rubber on the handle. Thanks to this non-slip material, the knife stays firmly in your hand in any conditions. The RangerGrip series is focused on safety, evidenced by the rock-solid liner lock mechanism. This lock prevents the blade from unintentionally folding during use. Moreover, the pocket knives in this series are equipped with large blades, perfect for heavy-duty tasks. With several versions of this pocket knife, there is a suitable option for everyone.

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Features of Victorinox RangerGrip

The Victorinox RangerGrip is an excellent example of Swiss craftsmanship, ideal for outdoor adventurers or EDC use. With its ergonomic design, this pocket knife fits comfortably in the hand, offering unmatched versatility and durability.

Victorinox RangerGrip: compact and powerful

The RangerGrip stands out with its robust stainless-steel construction, complemented by grippy rubber parts of the handle for optimal control and safety. Thanks to the built-in locking mechanism, the tools stay firmly in place even during the most challenging tasks. The RangerGrip is a compact pocket knife to carry wherever you go. The Victorinox RangerGrip upholds the core values of reliability, innovation and craftsmanship that Victorinox is known for.

Victorinox RangerGrip: large range of tools

This ultimate multi-tool is equipped with a range of tools, including a robust blade, a powerful saw, a handy bottle opener and a reliable screwdriver. The RangerGrip has everything you need for any situation, anywhere.

Victorinox RangerGrip from the Delémont series

This pocket knife comes from the Delémont collection and is enhanced with qualities from both Victorinox and Wenger. These knives were first produced by Wenger which was later taken over by Victorinox. The models that were previously produced by Wenger are now a part of the Victorinox range in the new Delémont collection. Named after the city where the former Wenger factory is still located. The combination of Swiss precision from both Victorinox and Wenger has turned this knife into a real asset.

Victorinox: the one and only Swiss army knife

For many, the first pocket knife they ever had was a Victorinox. Victorinox pocket knives, also called Swiss army knives, have a distinct design featuring the shield and cross. Victorinox pocket knives are equipped with many different tools like saws, screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, files, rulers and many more. Moreover, these pocket knives are available in practically every price range.