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Swiss pocket knives dishwasher proof?

Is your knife dirty? Just pop it in the dishwasher. Add some oil afterwards and you are good to go without experiencing any of the negative side effects. It sounds too easy to be true. And yet it is exactly what Swiss pocket knife brand Swiza claims to be true. We couldn’t wait to try it.

The test

In addition to testing Swiza pocket knives we also tested other knives. It is, after all, the best way to compare results. Swiza might not be the first brand you think of when you think of Swiss pocket knives. Most people think of Victorinox. For that reason it is important to compare both brands. To complete the comparison we also added the Böker Plus Tech-Tools to the mix. Comparable pocket knives because of their size and function. To test a great variety of materials and colours we selected the following models:

From left to right Böker Plus Tech-Tool City 1, Victorinox Bantam Alox, Swiza D03, Victorinox Bantam and the Swiza D02

The pocket knives were washed twice a day in the dishwasher. Simply in between the rest of the dishes. We also encouraged corrosion by exposing the blades to mustard and fruit acids as we expected that would show the differences between the materials and finishes a lot faster.

Our results:

Wash #2:

Aluminium and dishwashers do not mix. We could soon see how the dishwasher affected the Victorinox Bantam Alox. The handle on the Victorinox turns a dull white. The aluminium parts on the other pocket knives were also affected by the dishwasher but not as striking.

Wash #4:

After a couple washes we were beginning to see some rust on the engravings of the Böker Tech-tool. The deterioration of the aluminium parts continue with every wash. The aluminium parts on the Victorinox Classic and Swiza pocket knives also become duller.

Wash #10:

The pocket knives have been exposed to the dishwasher for a week and it is time to look at some of the results. When you compare the knives from the dishwasher with new knives you will see discolouration’s on each knife. The Swiza pocket knife with the red handle comes out of the test best. The Victorinox Classic and Böker Tech-tool both became duller. But it is not that striking when  you have nothing to compare them to.

Wash #15: Mustard

Whoops! The knives were exposed to mustard for an entire night before their wash. They were definitely put to the test. The pocket knives did really well. You can, however, clearly spot erosion on the Böker Tech-tool glass breaker.

Wash #20: Final results

The test affected each pocket knife in some way. The Victorinox Bantam Alox quickly started to deteriorate. The Victorinox Classic and Böker Tech-Tool did reasonably well. It is, however, clear that these knives are definitely not made to be put in a dishwasher.

Swiza does best when it comes to this test. It is what they were designed for! The aluminium spacer in these Swiza pocket knives, however, has been affected. And the white handle also had some trouble with the dishwasher. The Swiza with the red handle is the winner of this test. The discolouration is minimal and we could hardly detect corrosion.

Dishwasher proof?

The fact remains that even Swiza pocket knives are affected by the dishwasher. We do not recommend putting the Victorinox Alox models in the dishwasher. The Victorinox Classic and Böker Tech-tools can withstand the dishwasher but we still discourage you to do so. If you want to keep your Swiza tool in great shape it is best if you wash it by hand. However, our test does not show that the dishwasher affects the functionality of the pocket knife. So that is something you have to decide for yourself!

Swiza also demonstrates that the Swiss pocket knife could still be improved. By using different materials and a new design this timeless classic has been reinvented.