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Buying Guide Daily Customs for Victorinox 91 mm models

These Daily Customs scales can only be used on Victorinox pocket knives with a closed length of 91 mm. Like the famous Victorinox Huntsman, SwissChamp and Spartan. The 91 collection is comprised of the 91.2, 91.2+ and 91.3 scales. These are enhanced with an addition behind the number in the title. Like .2, .2+ or .3. We will tell you exactly what distinguishes this collection to find the scales that will suit you best.

Daily Customs 91.2 scales

Sometimes the following applies: less is more! These scales are not enhanced with cut-outs for the pen, toothpick and tweezers. As such they are a little more affordable than other Daily Customs scales and look more modern.

Daily Customs 91.2+ scales

These scales are enhanced with cut-outs for the pen, toothpick and tweezers. Choose these scales if you want to make the most of your Victorinox pocket knife! In terms of pricing the scales are in between the .2 and .3 scales.

Daily Customs 91.3 scales

Do you want to go all-out? These scales are enhanced with a milled logo. During the assembly you can place a cross-inlay behind it for a unique look! These premium scales have the most modifications.

All Daily Customs

Do you prefer to check out all Daily Customs scales? That is, of course, also possible. Here you will find all our Daily Customs scales and accessories.