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WMF Chef’s Edition kitchen knives: stylish functionality

As the name suggests, the elegant WMF Chef's Edition kitchen knives were designed for enthusiastic chefs. Whether you are a professional chef or passionate home cook: it doesn't matter. Anyone who's serious about cooking will appreciate the Chef's Edition collection for its ergonomic design, excellent cutting capabilities and ease of cleaning. The seamless transition between blade and handle means no dirt can get stuck there, making these knives easy to wash.

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Features of the WMF Chef’s Edition series

WMF Chef’s Edition type of steel

The blades are made from X50Cr15MoV-steel. Sounds complicated, but this stainless steel is one of the most commonly used types of steel for kitchen knives. This is simply because it is easy to sharpen, retains its sharpness well and has excellent corrosion resistance. WMF sharpens each blade with laser precision. Each knife is individually measured with a laser, after which the optimal sharpening angle is determined. A robot then sharpens the blade to an unprecedented sharpness. Ready for a lifetime of intensive use.

WMF Chef’s Edition handle

The handles of Grand Gourmet kitchen knives are made from WMF's famous Cromargan®. This is the registered trademark of WMF's 18/10 stainless steel, since 1927. It's a type of steel that is also used for their elegant cutlery. The name Cromargan® is a compound of the terms Crom and Argan. Crom, because the steel has a particularly high chromium content, and Argan because of its silvery shine. The advantages of this material are: it is stainless, scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe and highly resistant to acid discolouration. The blade is seamlessly joined to the handle. As such, no dirt can accumulate between the blade and the handle. Very hygienic! The bolster - the metal part between the handle and the blade - contributes to the perfect balance, and it also protects your fingers. What more could a real cooking enthusiast ask for?