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What is a utility knife? And what do you cut with it?

The utility knife: an all-rounder in the kitchen! Popular for its functional, compact and practical design. But what defines a utility knife? And what do you cut with it? In this topic we will tell you everything you need to know about the utility knife!

What is the size of a utility knife?

That what defines a utility knife is the size. In terms of size it falls in between a chef's knife and a paring knife. The average blade length of a paring knife is namely between 7 and 11 cm. And that of a chef's knife between 17 and 18 cm. With exceptions of 20 cm and sometimes even 30 cm long. With an average blade length of between 13 and 15 cm a utility knife falls nicely in between.

The size, however, is mostly a guideline. So take this with a grain of salt. It happens quite often that a brand calls a knife a paring knife that, in terms of size, looks like a utility knife. And there are also chef's knives and Japanese santoku's with a blade length of 14 and 15 cm.

Blade shape

This brings us to the following: the shape of the blade. A utility knife has a pointed and slim blade. You rarely see a utility knife with a high blade or a blunt, rounded tip. Which is the case for a paring knife, chef's knife or santoku. This feature will help you immediately recognize a utility knife.

What do you cut with a utility knife?

It feels like a stretch to say 'everything'. But, if we can say such a thing for any type of knife, it would be a utility knife. It is all in the name. This versatile functionality is mainly due to the above mentioned blade length and blade shape.

The pointed, thin tip is perfect for the more detailed cutting tasks. Think of cutting small vegetables to size. Like a clove of garlic, a piece of ginger or peppers. Or finely chopping herbs. The blade is also long enough to cut most vegetables and fruit in half. As long as the diameter of the ingredient you cut is smaller, or similar to, the blade length. This means that with a utility knife you can also easily cut an aubergine or courgette to size.

Can you also use a utility knife to cut meat or fish? Yes, you can! We do have to admit: a kitchen knife that was specifically designed for one specific purpose is often a little better. So consider using a carving knife when cutting meat and a filleting knife when cutting fish.

For whom is the utility knife suited most?

Simple! Everyone can use it! A utility knife is a great addition to every kitchen. Use the knife for smaller cutting tasks alongside a chef's knife or santoku. But also for those who think the average chef's knife is too big or heavy, a utility knife is a great solution.

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