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Sabatier® knives: Get the story behind the brand

Who hasn't heard of “Sabatier® knives”? The brand has grown popular amongst professional chefs, apprentice cooks and enthusiastic home cooks. But the brand Sabatier® can sometimes lead to questions. That is why we love to tell you more about Sabatier®.

The brand Sabatier®.

The Sabatier Trademark originates from a family of master cutlers from the XIX century, who popularized the French Chef's knife with the Ideal shape, and lived in the area of Thiers in France, also known as the French capital of cutlery. The Sabatier trademark is always associated with top-quality knives.

Sabatier® is a worldwide registered trademark owned by Rousselon Frères & Cie (parent company of Rousselon Dumas Sabatier) in France and numerous countries. As such they are the only ones who can use the brand name ‘Sabatier®’.

Rousselon Dumas Sabatier manufactures and distributes Sabatier® knives branded with the lion Logo which are produced in Thiers, France. The collection features a very wide range of kitchen knives featuring 4116N+ Hi-Carbon Stainless Steel enriched with Nitrogen and can be fully forged (blade, bolster and tang). They come with a lifelong warranty.

Rousselon Dumas Sabatier also distributes Lion Sabatier® International. These knives are designed in France and made in Asia following strict technical specifications. They come with a 2 year warranty. You can find their knives under: Lion Sabatier® knives.

You may find brands that use the term ‘Sabatier’ as part of some maker’s brand (like Sabatier Diamond, Sabatier V, Sabatier Trumpet). They are manufactured by other companies.