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CPM MagnaCut steel: The future of knife steel

Every knife lover knows that it's all about the steel: it can make or break a knife. Literally! One of the newest and most promising types of knife steel is CPM MagnaCut. This steel combines superior performance with impressive durability. In this article, we dive into the world of CPM MagnaCut, and discover what makes it so special.

Origin and history of MagnaCut

CPM MagnaCut was developed by Dr Larrin Thomas, a metallurgist who has dedicated his career to improving knife steel. He is known for his blog 'KnifeSteelNerds', he has written several books on knife steel, and he is the son of famous damascus smith Devin Thomas.

Inspired by the limitations of existing steels, Dr Thomas set out to create a steel that is not only corrosion-resistant and tough, but also offers excellent hardness and wear resistance. His creation, CPM MagnaCut, was introduced in 2021 and it has rapidly gained popularity among knife makers and knife enthusiasts.

Advantages of MagnaCut for you

Why choose CPM MagnaCut steel? Here are some key advantages offered by this steel:

Excellent wear resistance

MagnaCut's sharpness retention is very impressive. As a result, you won’t have to sharpen it as often as other types of steel, which increases the knife's lifespan.

Fantastic corrosion resistance

Whether you're camping in humid conditions or using your knife in the kitchen every day, MagnaCut offers superior protection against rust. This is ideal for outdoor conditions where you don't have time to do maintenance.

Tough and strong

This steel is designed to withstand breaking and chipping even under heavy loads, perfect for heavy-duty tasks.


Thanks to the balance between hardness and toughness, MagnaCut is suitable for both pocket knives and fixed blades, including hunting knives.

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What makes MagnaCut steel stand out?

What really sets CPM MagnaCut apart from other steels is its unique composition and advanced manufacturing process. MagnaCut combines a high amount of carbon with vanadium, molybdenum, and nitrogen, resulting in an exceptional combination of properties. This creates a finer microstructure, which means the steel has higher wear resistance without becoming brittle. In addition, MagnaCut has an optimal balance between hardness and toughness, which is often difficult to achieve in steel. With other steels, you often choose one or the other. Thanks to these innovations, MagnaCut offers the performance of the best high-end steels, but with significantly better corrosion resistance and durability.

CPM MagnaCut is undoubtedly a revolutionary step in the world of knife steel. It combines the best properties of existing steels and surpasses them in many ways. Whether you are a seasoned knife collector or just starting your collection, a knife with MagnaCut steel never disappoints. More and more knife manufacturers are discovering this too, and as a result new knives in CPM MagnaCut are released almost every week.

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