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Morakniv Robust vs Companion

You often come across the Morakniv Robust and Morakniv Companion when you start looking for budget bushcraft knives. Not surprisingly so: both are great knives for a very reasonable price. But what are the differences? We've made an overview!

The similarities between the Morakniv Robust and Morakniv Companion

Both are, of course, produced by Morakniv in Mora, Sweden. As such both are top-quality knives. In terms of price they are also not that different.

The differences between the Morakniv Robust and the Morakniv Companion

Different editions

The Morakniv Robust is simply one knife, from the Basic collection. The Companion is a collection in itself, with different editions. The Robust, for instance, is only available with carbon steel, while the Companion is also available with carbon and stainless steel. Also with different blade thicknesses. The Companion is even available with serrations, or a firesteel in the handle. The latter is a little more expensive, though.

Morakniv Robust vs Companion Heavy Duty

The standard Companion is enhanced with a 2.1 mm thick blade. The Robust is enhanced with a 3.2 mm thick blade. Like the Companion Heavy Duty. In this version both knives are equally strong. You could say that the 'thin' edition of the Companion is a little less solid, but you won't notice this during normal use.


The Robust is enhanced with the standard handle from the Basic collection. A hard plastic core, with a rubber-like material around it. Characterizing is the royal protrusion that ensures you won't end up on the blade if you slip. The back of the handle is also enhanced with a similar, more subtle, protrusion. The Robust was designed as a worker's knife, for professionals. Not specifically for outdoor use.

This is different for the Companion. The handle is namely a little higher and longer. As such the handle of the Companion is often considered better suited for bushcraft work. We also feel that for a 'reverse grip' the Companion is a little better.


The total length of the Companion is 21.7 cm, with a 10.2 cm blade. The total length of the Robust is 20.5 cm, with a 8.9 cm blade. As such the Morakniv Companion feels a little more like a compact bushcraft knife. While the Companion feels more like a medium-sized knife. Even though the differences here are minor.

Which knife will you choose? The Morakniv Robust or the Companion

Both knives are very similar. Originally the Robust wasn't designed as a bushcraft knife, even though you can perfectly use it for bushcraft purposes. Will you only use your knife for bushcraft purposes? If so, the Companion is the better choice for you. The normal one if you are looking for a thinner blade, the Heavy Duty for more solidity. Is corrosion resistance key for you? If so, go with the Companion enhanced with a stainless type of steel.