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New: KMFS sharpening systems

New in our range: KMFS sharpening systems and accessories. With these sharpening systems from the Czech Republic, professional sharpening results are within reach for everyone. The systems ensure that accurately sharpening your knives will be a piece of cake. KMFS sharpening systems come in different shapes and sizes. From the affordable basic model to a premium sharpening system.


Take, for instance, the KMFS RIVAL MOA21. This sharpening system is enhanced with a unique clamp system that allows you to open and close the clamp with one single movement. Easy! The sharpening system is milled from one piece of top-quality aluminium for additional solidity. And with extra solidity comes extra precision. The other sharpening systems are also made from the same top-quality aluminium.

The black coating, in addition to looking cool, offers protection against corrosion. With the horizontal, stainless steel adjustable screw you can easily determine and change the sharpening angle. And thanks to the digital angle meter you always see at which angle you sharpen. In short, a simple and very accurate European sharpening system for a great price!


The KMFS RIVAL Stealth is an entry-level sharpening system. It is a simple and accurate sharpening system, but definitely not inferior. This system is more affordable thanks to the clamp. It is a lot simpler. Loosen both screws with the supplied Allen key and place the blade in the clamp. Then tighten the top screw. Now loosen the bottom screw. This screw presses on the inside against the bottom of the clamp. This really clamps the knife firmly in place.

This system is also comprised of one piece of aluminium. This makes the system lightweight, but also very rigid and therefore very precise. This sharpening system excels at the ease with which you adjust the sharpening angle. Turn one of the adjusting screws to change the sharpening angle. It doesn't get any easier than that.

KMFS setup and sharpening stones

With the supplied C-clamp you can securely attach the sharpening system to your desk, dining table or workbench that has a minimum thickness of 1 cm and maximum thickness of 4 cm. Place the sharpening stone holder on the system and choose the correct sharpening stone.

The 240 grit diamond-coated sharpening stone is a coarse sharpening stone for repairing a blunt or damaged blade. It gives the knife the correct sharpening angle. The 600 grit diamond-coated sharpening stone removes the deep scratches from the 240 grit diamond-coated stone, making the knife a lot sharper. This grit size is also suitable if your knife isn't very blunt yet, but could do with sharpening. With the 1000 grit, you remove the scratches from the previous sharpening stone for an even sharper result. You also use this grit size to keep your knives sharp.

KMFS: Czech manufacturing

When you think of the Czech Republic, you probably think of Prague, goulash or lager. From now on, however, you will also think of the KMFS sharpening systems. KMFS is a Czech producer who specializes in producing metal mounting plates, frames, screws and bolts. Today they design and produce everything for their own products. From these accurate sharpening systems to electric scooters. KMFS can do it all!