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In six steps to the perfect multi-tool

It is what every multi-tool promises: to fix everything, always. With the wrong multi-tool, however, this might not be the case. It is something you, of course, want to avoid. On 'Indefinitely Wild' we found a practical step-by-step plan. With it you will know for sure that you purchase the right multi-tool.

Step 1: how do you wish to carry the multi-tool?

A multi-tool will only do as promised when you carry it with you. Is your multi-tool neatly stored at home when you need it most? If so it might not be the right tool for you.

Do you prefer to take as little weight as possible with you? If so, a very extensive multi-tool might not be the right choice. Do you easily take something extra with you? If so a multi-tool on your belt might be the solution! We will list the different types here:

  • Multi-tool to accompany your bunch of keys: small, but easy to take with you. Your keys go where you go. So your multi-tool will as well. Sounds like your cup of tea? If so why not check out the Leatherman Squirt PS4.
  • Multi-tool in your pocket: a little more extensive, but still easy to take with you and light-weight. The size will easily fit inside your pocket or bag, to make sure you will always have it close.
  • The concept behind most tools of this size is a lot of capacity, with a great quality. Sounds good? If so check out the Leatherman Juice.
  • Multi-tools for your belt: the real hulks. Rock-solid, often with replaceable parts and very compact. These multi-tools were designed for the more demanding tasks. Is this what you are looking for? If so check out the Leatherman Charge TTI.

Step 2: what do you want to use your multi-tool for?

Looking to secure the screws on your sunglasses? Looking to cut through wires on a daily basis? Simply put, is a simple tool enough or will an extensive version suit you better? Make a list with everything you might be looking for in a multi-tool. Afterwards start looking for the right one.

Step 3: multi-tool or real tool?

Don't think that a multi-tool will do all the heavy-lifting for you. It is simply not equipped to handle such tasks. A multi-tool is mostly ideal to quickly fix something, even while on the road. For the real jobs it is best if you use normal and stronger tools.

An example: you won't cut down a tree with the Leatherman Wave in order to enjoy a camp-fire at night. You could, however, use it to quickly fix your tent. Or to loosen a screw.

Step 4: how important is the knife?

A multi-tool without a knife, there are reasons why you won't need it. Sometimes a knife isn't that good which means it can quickly become blunt or even break. A multi-tool also isn't the right handle for a knife. You will quickly notice that, if you have a pocket knife close, you will use this tool over a multi-tool nine out of ten times.

For many a very important reason: without a knife in your multi-tool you can take it with you no matter where you go.

Step 5: try to see the wood for the trees

You might have heard of the saying: in the land of the blind... The same basically applies to multi-tools. There are many different tools to choose from. Even at the gas station or drug store you can find small multi-tools. Try to make a distinction between quality and quantity when looking at a multi-tool. You might save money, but as soon as you start using your 'bargain' you might immediately regret it. The right multi-tool will last a life-time!

Step 6: make a choice

Finished all the steps? If so you are ready to make a choice and purchase a multi-tool for life. The perfect companion during different jobs and circumstances.

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