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New at Knivesandtools: Stanley PMI

Do you still remember the thermos your grandfather used to carry when he went fishing? Or the flask your father often pulled from this pocket during the campfire. Chances are they were carrying a Stanley product! For over 100 years Stanley has been producing indestructible bottles and other outdoor products for everyone who loves spending time outside. We are fans! Homemade soup, a hot cup of tea or ice-cold lemonade when you are on the road, simply perfect! Because we were so impressed with what Stanley had to offer we couldn’t wait to add their products to our range. The thermos bottles your grandfather used many moons ago! Fortunately you don’t have to be that old to appreciate these amazing products! 

The Stanley Classic thermos bottles
The Stanley Classic Food Jar

Thermos classics

You can still find the old-fashioned Stanley bottles when you look at the Classic collection. The bottles from this collection still have that classic look, with the characterizing 'Hammertone Green' colour, but these bottle are very much up to date. Stanley updated these classics and improved them throughout the yearss. As such they are a lot lighter, but still just as indestructible. Why? Stanley uses thicker stainless steel than other thermos manufacturers. The bottles from the Classic collection come in many sizes. As such there is something for everyone. A road trip with your friends? Bring coffee for everyone with the Legendary Classic 1.9 litre thermos. Or perhaps you wish to enjoy some hot soup for lunch? It is possible with the Classic Food Jar!

Always available

In addition to the classics Stanley has also come up with wonderful solutions for on the road, such as the trigger action thermos that enables you to immediately drink from it and never leak. Or the pocket flask with large opening making cleaning and filling it a piece of cake. And even though you might not travel far this summer, the Stanley products are also great for day trips or holidays at home. As such you will always have a nice cup of coffee or tea close. Or perhaps some nice cold lemonade on a hot summers day!

The Stanley Trigger-Action thermos

All these amazing Stanley outdoor products are now available at Knivesandtools! Stanley not really your thing? Don't worry! We also sell many other amazing (insulated) bottles!

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Stanley PMI The Legendary Classic Thermos 1000 ml - Nightfall Insulated bottle. Contents: 1.0L. Beverages stay cold and warm up to 24 hours
€ 49,95

Not available

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Stanley PMI The Legendary Classic Thermos 750 ml - Matt Black Insulated bottle. Contents: 0.75L. Beverages stay cold and warm up to 20 hours
€ 42,50 € 44,95

Not available

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Stanley PMI The Easy Fill Wide Mouth flask 230 ml - Hammertone Green Cool flask. Contents: 0.23L Weight: 148 grams
€ 24,95

Not available

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Stanley PMI The Vacuum Insulated Water Thermos 470 ml - Polar White Insulated bottle. Contents: 0.47L. Beverages stay warm up to 7 hours and cold up to 5 hours
€ 24,95

In stock

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Stanley PMI The All-In-One frying pan Set 9-piece set for two people. Including frying pan and cooking utensils
€ 44,95

± 1 week

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Stanley PMI The Stainless Steel All-in-One Thermos Lunch box 530 ml Insulated food container. Contents: 0.53L Food stays warm and cold up to 12 hours
€ 35,00 € 35,95

± 2 weeks