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Top 10 European EDC knives

In this Top 10 European EDC knives we have collected our favourite EDC knives of European make. They sometimes say that all good things come from far, but this top 10 proves that very beautiful knives are also made nearby!

Choose European knives

Think of the advantages: because the knives are produced in Europe, you save money on import costs. In addition, the knife will have to cross a shorter distance within Europe. This is better for the environment. But that is not all. With an European pocket knife you support the European manufacturers and maintain the culture of European knife-making.


Opinel No. 08 pocket knife, carbon steel, blade length 8,5 cm

125 review(s)

A great list with European pocket knives wouldn't exist without the Opinel No. 08. Made in France from basic materials: birch wood and carbon steel. A real classic that is still relevant. An amazing EDC pocket knife, one of our favourites when cutting fruit because the carbon steel will form a nice patina.

€ 10,95

± 1 week

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LionSteel SR22 Grey Titanium

1 review(s)

The award-winning LionSteel SR22 also shouldn't be missing from this list. A titanium integral frame with a blade made from Sleipner steel. It moves smoothly because of the ball bearings and with the deep-carry pocket clip you can discretely carry it in your pocket.

€ 262,95 € 299,00

± 1 week

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Victorinox Pioneer Alox Blue 0.8201.22R4.KTE1 Knivesandtools Edition, Swiss pocket knife

1 review(s)

Swiss pocket knives are often also used as EDC knives. Our favourite is the Victorinox Pioneer Alox. Because of its aluminium handles it is nice and strong and can handle quite a lot. Because of the many different tools the Pioneer is a true all-rounder.

€ 49,95

In stock

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Viper Dan 2 5930CBR Burgundy Micarta N690, sheepfoot

4 review(s)

The Viper Dan 2 is a nice EDC pocket knife that is made in Italy. You open it with one hand with the front flipper, and because it doesn't have a hard lock you can legally carry it with you in many places. The Dan is available with many different handle materials and also with a different blade shape. We think this combination looks perfect.

€ 103,00 € 114,40

± 1 week

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Böker Boxer 111028 Micarta gentleman's knife, Raphael Durand design

0 review(s)

Okay, the Böker Boxer might be more of a gentleman's knife. We, however, think it is so cool we want to carry it with us every day. So an EDC knife. Made in the Manufaktur in Solingen, Germany where many tasks are still carried out by hand. Ergonomically sound, with a perfect finish.

€ 180,00 € 199,95

In stock

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Fox Suru Alu Green FX-526ALG pocket knife, Jesper Voxnaes design

0 review(s)

Danish design, made in Italy: the Fox Suru. The many holes make the knife look incredibly unique. Another advantage of these holes is that the Suru weighs next to nothing: only 75 grams. Available in many different colours and even with a carbon fibre handle.

€ 139,95

In stock

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Victorinox Hunter Pro Alox 0.9415.M26 hunting knife

1 review(s)

One side of Victorinox that is not that well-known: the Hunter Pro. The blade can be opened and locked with one hand, so perfect for EDC use. In addition, this knife comes with a cool lanyard that, in terms of colour, matches the knife.

€ 99,00

In stock

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Extrema Ratio BF2CT Classic Tanto Desert Warfare

0 review(s)

Our tactical friends from Extrema Ratio also shouldn't be missing from this list. Police, soldiers and many government agencies have been using the excellent quality of the Extrema Ratio knives for years. This brand also produces a lot of knives that are perfect for EDC use, such as this BF2 Classic Tanto.

€ 210,00

In stock

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LionSteel TRE BL Titanium, blue

9 review(s)

Another award-winning LionSteel design: the TRE. Unique about this compact pocket knife is that you can remove the flipper and thumb stud. As such you can decide if you open it with one or two hands! Made from the best materials and perfectly finished. Simply amazing.

€ 280,00

In stock

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Opinel No. 08 Black Oak 2172

3 review(s)

The Opinel Black Oak is a special edition of the standard No. 08. This model is enhanced with a matt-black coating and a handle made from stunning oak wood. This contrast makes the Opinel Black Oak a little more special than the standard Opinel pocket knives.

€ 35,00

In stock

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