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Le Creuset grill pan/skillet 20cm square, Red

Le Creuset grill pan/skillet 20cm square, Red
€ 89.00  € 79.00
SKU: LC20183200600422
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2 reviews
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This Le Creuset pan from the Fonte enamelled series is made of solid cast-iron. A rock-solid quality pan, which will last generations. With this cast-iron pan you can do an awful lot. Cooking, roasting and stewing on all types of heat sources. Baking in a regular oven, on coal or even on a wood-fired oven. Even cakes and oven dishes can be prepared pan. The pan can also be used to keep dishes cool in the refrigerator or freezer. For example, the pan can be used to as a serving dish for chilled foods on a hot summer day.

Le Fonte enamelled-pans

Le Creuset pans are cast in cast-iron. To this day, these pans are still produced in France. For each individual pan they make a casting mold from sand. This mold is filled with cast-iron. After casting it they remove the sand and what remains is a rough, cast-iron pan. It is finished with a beautiful emaillé non-stick coating. The outside is equipped with one of the characteristic Le Creuset colors. The result is a rock-solid, heavy pan. A true style icon, which will last for generations.

Cooking utensils

Le Creuset recommends to use silicone spatulas with these pans, which you can buy with a discount as a combi deal when buying the pan. You can also use wooden spatulas. Metal spatulas, however, are out of the question!

Wash the pan before first use dry it off well. Always select the appropriate heat source for the bottom diameter of the pan. Beware in a stove, for example, that the flames cannot go by the sides of the pan. The flame only needs to reach the bottom. Never put the pan after heating under a running tap. Let it first cool-off. This pan can be washed in the dishwasher. Note that over time it can affect the email.

The history of Le Creuset pans

The start of Le Creuset’s success goes back to the Brussels Stock Exchange in 1924. Armand Dean (specialist in cast-iron) and Octave Aubecq (specialist in email) joined forces and decide to found a company together. It turned out to be a great move! With the enamelled pans by Le Creuset they have been conquering the world since 1925.

Le Creuset always continues innovating. They are always at the drawing board creating new designs, models and colouring. That’s the reason these pans are still so relevant even after 90 years! Unmatched production quality and leading design and colouring make Le Creuset an icon.


  • Brand: Le Creuset
  • Series: Signature
  • Type: grill pan
  • Diameter: 20 cm
  • Delivered as a set: no
  • Number: 1 stuks
  • Heat Source: ceramic, electric, gass, halogen, induction, oven
  • Material: cast iron
  • Size: small
  • Weight: 1878 gram
  • Height: 2.9 cm
  • Colour: black, red
  • Width of bottom surface: 4 mm
  • Diameter of bottom: 15 cm
  • Non-stick layer: enameled
  • Thermo-spot: no
  • Can go into the oven: yes
  • Can go into the microwave: no
  • Handle: yes, one grip and a handle
  • Cold grip: no
  • Material handle: cast iron
  • Handle length: 12 cm
  • Diameter including handle: 36 cm
  • Including lid: no
  • Displays exact measure: no
  • Dishwasher safe: yes, but we strongly advise against it
  • Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects: lifetime
  • Country of origin: France
SKU: LC20183200600422
in stock  
€ 89.00  € 79.00
Reviews     (9.3)   Average score from 2 review(s)
Naam: Clive N, London
Datum: 04 April 2017

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateJust the two of us now. ... I wanted this smaller 20cm size because iron pans are heavy enough and the 26cm LC grill pan bigger/heavier than I would regularly want to handle. ... In use, lightly wiping a smear of cooking oil with a tissue onto the pan ridges before bringing it up to heat, I brush, whatever steak, (or 'skin-side down' fish) I am cooking with a thin layer of oil before placing it onto the hot grill pan until that cooking/searing reaction happens when it will easily lift to turn over nice and striped before then finishing the other side ... Also, that the pan should last years if looked after, (plus that it has a certain quality 'look') was another consideration for me when buying what is a reasonably pricy item. ... IMO, it is better for cooking one large or two medium sized cuts, as there is a gap between the ridges where the visual presentation effect wouldn't look quite the same on smaller cuts unless you seared those 'criss-cross'.
Naam: Colin, Frome
Datum: 28 September 2016

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateI was looking for a small grill pan suitable for one person, for use on an induction hob. Unfortunately, the smallest I could find anywhere was 25-26 cm, which was considerably larger than I wanted (I already have a 28 cm one). I looked at Le Creuset cast iron grill pans, but found that they no longer sold a small size in the UK. Then I found this lovely pan from Knives and Tools, which I assume is imported from a European country in which this size is sold.

It is excellent quality, and importantly is enamelled all over, which avoids scratching the ceramic surface of the hob, which would happen with ordinary cast iron pans. It produces lovely lines across food, and any fat runs into the deep grooves. Down sides: it is heavy, and therefore needs care when lifting, and the handle gets a bit hot. I am really pleased with this purchase.