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Home Outdoor & gear Optimus Optimus Vega gas stove for four seasons, 8018505

Optimus Vega gas stove for four seasons, 8018505

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€ 99,95
SKU: OT8018505

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Full description

The Optimus Vega is a powerful stove that will help you cook a wonderful meal in no time. The Optimus Vega is remarkable because of the combination of a very stable basis you can use to place rather large pans, and because of its limited size during transport. You can also use the Optimus Vega throughout the year: up to -20° degrees Celsius.

You use the Vega while you are out hiking or camping to boil water or prepare a meal. Because of its large size when you unfold it you can also use it when you are barbequing to keep sauces warm or as an additional stove when you are out camping.

The Optimus Vega is, especially considering its size, very powerful. It delivers an output of up to 3700 watts. In reality this means that, depending on the height, temperature of your surroundings and circumstances you can boil a litre of water in about 4.5 minutes. For it you, of course, need fuel. This stove has been enhanced with a EN417-mount. That is the standard screw mount you will find on all small gas tanks. As a maximum applies that it will work with gas tanks up to 450 grams.

Want to prepare a meal in cold circumstances? The Optimus Vega has the answer. When the temperature drops to -0° degrees Celsius gas won’t ignite as easily. To solve it you can simply turn the tank upside down. For this purpose Optimus has enhanced the gas connection with two foldable feet to make sure the tank stays upright. As a result you can keep cooking, up to -20° degrees Celsius.

The Optimus Vega offers one of the lowest focal points of all stoves in this category. As a result your pan will always stay perfectly in place making sure you don’t have to worry about it while you are cooking.

The Optimus Vega also comes with a flexible aluminium wind screen. You place it underneath the stove to cut off the wind and make sure you can cook efficiently. Especially in the mountains at lower temperatures you will notice how big the influence of the wind actually is.

The Optimus Vega comes with a simple carrier bag. In it you can store the stove and the wind screen.

Please note: this stove only works with EN417 gas tanks. Campingaz uses a different standard. This product does not include the gas tank. The stove does come with an extensive multi-lingual manual with safety tips. We advise you to read it before use.


Brand Optimus
Country of origin Taiwan
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 2 year

Optimus Vega gas stove for four seasons, 8018505


General information

Brand Optimus
Country of origin Taiwan
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 2 year


Material aluminum, stainless steel, brass

Dimensions & weight

Weight 180 grams
Height in use 7 pick
Length in use 52 cm
Width in use 14.3 pick

Features & functions

Collapsible yes
Fuel gas
Built-in igniter no
Gas regulator yes
Type gas stove
Suitable for frost yes
Power in watts 3700 watt

Scope of delivery

Fuel included no
Inclusive windscreen, carrier bag
Integrated cleaning needle no


Burn time per 100g gas 73 minutes
€ 99,95

In stock

Fast delivery from our own stock

0 review(s)

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