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Shapton Glass Stone Seven 0.85 micron, 70903

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The Shapton Glass Stone Seven 0.85 micron, 70903 is an ultra-fine sharpening stone from the Shapton Glass Stone Seven collection. With a grain size that is comparable to a 10.000 grit Japanese water stone, this stone is mainly meant to sharpen your already sharp knives and to polish them. If you wish to sharpen blunt knives it is best if you use the Glass Stone Seven sharpening stones with a higher micron.

Shapton Glass Stone Seven sharpening stones

The Shapton Glass Stone Seven are stunning sharpening stones. Contrary to what you might expect with this name, you do not sharpen on the glass. You sharpen on a top-quality, Japanese water stone. A layer of tempered glass is attached to this to prevent bending. These stones are suitable for sharpening almost all types of knives. From outdoor knives to kitchen knives and from pocket knives to chisels. Particularly with hard steels, these stones stand out. Think of the modern powder steel types that you will find with pocket knives in the high segment.

The stones look a lot like the 'regular' Glass Stones. With these stones you also quickly remove a lot of material. The difference can be found in the size of the stones and the thickness of the layer of sharpening particles. That thickness is namely 7 mm, which is 2 mm more than the HR and HC Glass Stones. This is also where the Shapton Glass Stone Seven got its name from.


These sharpening stones are splash & go. That means that you don't have to submerge them in water before use. You sprinkle them with some water and the sharpening can begin. They quickly remove material. As such you quickly up with sharp knives and the stone also won't wear out as fast. To increase the lifespan, the glass plate ensures that you can use the stones to the limit. Even if the stones have gotten thinner after years of use.

The sharpening result is very even. The sharpening particles, made from white aluminium oxide, are very uniform in shape and dimension. The minuscule "scratches" you add to your edge with these stones are therefore very even. You will not quickly come across a larger scratch that is difficult to remove with a finer grain. Sharpening enthusiasts truly appreciate this. These Shapton Glass Stones are simply some of the best sharpening stones on the market.

Because of their size you can easily take the Shapton Glass Stone Seven sharpening stones with you. There is also a Shapton sharpening stone holder for if you are looking for a little more control. The holder is made to fit the Shapton Glass Stone Seven sharpening stones. The length of the holder and stones are perfectly aligned to make sure the stones are nicely secured. With the sharpening stone holder you slightly lift the stones. As such you have more room for your fingers making the sharpening process a little more comfortable. Because of the non-slip feet the holder won't slide during use. If you are experienced enough you can, of course, also sharpen without the holder.

The stones are incredibly wear and tear resistant but can become hollow with intensive use. This could affect the sharpening results. That is why Shapton recommends using the Glass Stone Seven diamond-coating lapping stone to keep your stones nice and flat.


Brand Shapton
Colour white
Country of origin Japan

Shapton Glass Stone Seven 0.85 micron, 70903


General information

Brand Shapton
Colour white
Country of origin Japan
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 2 year
Number 1 pieces

Features & functions

Grit according to supplier 10000
delivered with sharpening guides no
Use with water yes, create wet surface before using
Grit size Ultra fine (5000+)

Scope of delivery

delivered as a set no
delivered with stand no
Storage box / etui yes


Abrasive white aluminum oxide
cohesive agent Ceramic-bound

Dimensions & weight

Weight 170 grams
Length 16 cm
Height 1.2 cm
Width 3.6 cm
Height usable part 0.7 cm
Length usable part 16 cm
Width usable part 3.6 cm
€ 104,00

In stock

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