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Victorinox Tinker Small red 0.4603 Swiss pocket knife

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€ 21,00
SKU: VT0.4603

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The Victorinox Small Tinker is the baby-brother of the standard Tinker. Closed the Small Tinker has a length of 84 mm, while the standard Tinker is 94 mm long. Whether you are working in and around the house or are about to travel the world, the Victorinox Small Tinker is the ideal all-round pocket knife. The Small Tinker is a simple and functional pocket knife with twelve functions. The Small Tinker, for instance, has at least 3 screwdrivers, a large and a small knife and an awl. The tools are compactly stored in this 91 mm pocket knife. All parts are made from stainless steel and protected by the casing. Because of the compact size and the low weight you will always have enough room for this all-rounder. In your pocket, for instance, on your keychain or in your survival kit.

Most important tools

  • Large knife
The large knife is razor-sharp and has a cutting edge of at least 6 cm. Once opened there is no wiggle room. As such it is suited for the more heavy-duty tasks. When opening and closing the blade you hear a familiar click.
  • Three screwdrivers
The pocket knife is enhanced with a Philips screwdriver. The screwdriver is located on the spine of the pocket knife. As such you have a comfortable grip as you use it. In addition, the Small Tinker has two flathead screwdrivers, a large and a small one.
  • Combination tool
A practical tool is the combination tool. With it you can use one tool as a bottle opener, wire stripper and screwdriver.
  • Awl with needle eye
What do you use an awl for? For all tasks you wouldn't use the tip of your knife for! The awl has a one-sided grind. As such it is great to make markings on wood. Which side of the line should you adhere to when you mark something with a pencil? With an awl this isn't a problem. In addition, it is very practical to use an awl to prick into soft metals. To mark where you should drill for instance. In addition, this awl has an eye, just like in a needle. By pulling a thread through the eye of the awl you could also use this tool, in case of an emergency, for sewing purposes.


Reliability and perfection up to the smallest details: a Victorinox is a true companion for life. Victorinox guarantees that all knives and multi-tools are made from stainless steel. For that reason Victorinox gives out a lifelong warrantee on material and production flaws. This means you don't have to worry if you find a production flaw.


Finish blade polished
Right or left-handed symmetrical
Blade shape drop point

Victorinox Tinker Small red 0.4603 Swiss pocket knife


Features & functions

Finish blade polished
Right or left-handed symmetrical
Blade shape drop point
Type of edge plain edge
Tools knife, tweezers, toothpick, keyring, Philips driver, small screwdriver, bottle opener, screwdriver
Opening system nail nick
Type Swiss army knife
Pocket clip no
Lock slipjoint
Can be opened with one hand no
Way of sharpening Western sharpening angle
MOLLE-compatible no
Sharpening angle 20º
Number of tools 10
Bearring type washers integrated in the handle

General information

Brand Victorinox
Colour red, silver
Can be engraved yes
Country of origin Switzerland
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects lifetime
Series Tinker


Material handle plastic, cellidor
Type of steel 1.4110

Scope of delivery

Pouch no
Sheath no

Dimensions & weight

Weight 62 grams
Blade height 1.1 cm
Blade length 6.2 cm
Closed length 8.4 cm
Cutting edge length 5.3
Blade thickness 2 mm
Total length 14.8 cm
€ 21,00

In stock

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