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CRKT Buying Guide by size and use

CRKT produces amazing knives for, amongst others, Every Day Carry: daily use. Perfect when opening boxes and for many more tasks! But which knife should you choose? To make the choice easier we made a list of the most popular sizes, price ranges and mechanisms.

Small CRKT pocket knives

Small CRKT pocket knives are perfect for those who prefer a compact pocket knife. These knives have a blade length of just below 7 cm. Large enough for daily tasks like opening boxes. Don't underestimate these knives. These knives are also great as a back-up pocket knife. To accompany a larger pocket knife.

Medium-sized CRKT pocket knives

Medium-sized CRKT pocket knives have a blade length of approx. 8 cm. Large enough for the occasional demanding task, small enough to compactly keep close. A large blade comes with a larger handle. As such you will have enough grip over these knives. These CRKT knives are perfect for those looking for a versatile pocket knife.

Large CRKT pocket knives

There are also a lot of large CRKT knives. If the two above mentioned sizes do not adhere to your demands, a large CRKT knife will be the best choice. These knives have a blade length of 9 cm and over. Here you will find the most robust CRKT pocket knives for heavy-duty use.

CRKT budget pocket knives

CRKT produces popular budget knives. Take, for instance, the famous CRKT Squid and Pilar. These knives are an amazing bang for your buck. A great way to start your knife collection or if you are looking for a worker's knife. To make sure your expensive pocket knives stay in great shape.

CRKT pocket knives with D2 steel

Choose a CRKT pocket knife with D2 steel if you are planning to use it for the more demanding tasks. D2 steel is a robust, reliable type of steel that can handle its own. A lot better than most types of steel that CRKT often uses. Do, however, be careful around acids and moisture: D2 is not completely stainless.

CRKT pocket knives with flipper

Many CRKT pocket knives are enhanced with a flipper openings mechanism. This is a piece of the blade that sticks out of the spine of the handle. You open the knife by 'pulling' the flipper back with your finger. Like a light switch. With it you can quickly open the knife!

CRKT pocket knives with Field Strip mechanism

These CRKT knives are enhanced with the, by Ken Onion patented, Field Strip Technology mechanism. With it you can take your knife apart in only seconds to clean it! Without using tools. Perfect when you work in surroundings where dirt is a problem. Think of soldiers, mechanics and hunters.

CRKT pocket knives with Deadbolt locking mechanism

CRKT is an innovative brand. The Deadbolt lock is a great example. One of the strongest locking mechanisms on the market today. The most important part of the Deadbolt lock is the hardened steel wedge that falls into the cut-outs in the blade. Using it is easy: you simply press the large pivot to close the blade.

CRKT pocket knives with assisted opening mechanism

CRKT pocket knives with an assisted opening mechanism are easy to open. These knives are enhanced with a spring in the handle. The spring ensures that the blade stays closed. By applying a little bit of pressure on the thumb stud or flipper the resistance on the spring is overcome. The blade will shoot from the handle. These are not automatic knives and therefore legal in many countries.

All CRKT knives

Do you prefer to check out all our CRKT knives? This is, of course, also an option. Here you will find all our CRKT knives. From small to large. Tip: use the filters for the right selection.


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