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Eden HD binoculars

The Eden HD binoculars are available as 8 x 32 / 8 x 42 / 10 x 42 pairs. The most important feature of this collection is the quick focus handled by the central focus system on the binoculars. The focus system can easily be controlled with one hand. The pairs are great for spectacle wearers and very comfortable. The pairs are enhanced with a category BAK-4 prism glass and supply you with a perfect round image.

Eden binoculars price advantage 

We have all our binoculars produced by a manufacturer who also produces for many other famous binoculars brands. As a result our binoculars are comparable to all those others that cost twice as much. And it saves us a brand and a distributor in the sales chain which means it saves you money! Of course made from top-quality materials and with the service and warrantee you have grown accustomed to.

25-year warranty

We are convinced of the quality of our Eden binoculars. For that reason we hand out a 25-year warranty on material or production flaws. 



Wide field of view

Eden HD binoculars have wider field of view then binoculars in the same priceclass. This offers more overview, which is ideal for bird watching or wildlife.

Crisp and bright image

Eden HD binoculars are known by experts by it's really crisp and bright image and the true to nature colours. The optics can best be compared to much more expensive binoculars.

Strong Aluminum Body

The body material for the Eden HD binoculars is made out of Aluminum. This makes the Eden HD a lightwieght binocular, sturdy and an allrounder under all conditions.

Nitrogen filled: no condensation

During the manufacturing process, the Eden HD binoculars are filled with Nitrogen. This makes it possible to use the binoculars at very low temperatures (-10°C) without any condensation of air inside the binoculars.


Suitable for people wearing spectacles

The 15-18 mm eye relief and the solid ‘twist-up’ eye caps make these binoculars ideally for suitable for all users with or without spectacles.