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New: Fenix Tk22 V2.0 tactical flashlight

Fenix introduces the TK22 V2.0 tactical flashlight. A solid and robust hand-sized flashlight, with a high output of 1600 lumens and a massive beam distance of 405 meters. The Fenix TK22 V2.0 is, as the name already suggests, the successor of the TK22. Its new features have turned the TK22 into the perfect flashlight for tactical purposes. What is new? We will tell you more!

The 2.0 version has more lumens, a Luminus SST40 LED, a better beam distance and it is enhanced with an ALF-18 battery holder. This holder ensures that the TK22 does not only work with a 21700 battery, but also with a popular 18650 battery. As such it is great for tactical purposes.

Performances of the Fenix TK22 V2.0

This flashlight has an output of 1600 lumens, a beam distance of 405 meters and an incredibly bright lens with anti-reflective coating. The result is a nicely balanced beam. You can choose from four different light modes: turbo, high, medium and eco. In addition, the light has a stroboscope mode of no less than 1600 lumens! But that is not all! This 2.0 version is enhanced with the IP68 norm. This enables the light to do its work in extreme circumstances. The flashlight is protected against dust and waterproof up to 2 meters deep (for 30 minutes).

The design of the Fenix TK22 V2.0

The robust look is characterized by the tactical head and the grooves on the body and tail cap. These grooves ensure that you have additional grip. Because of its size and robust design this light is perfect for tactical purposes.

Using the Fenix TK22 V2.0

The Fenix TK22 V2.0 is enhanced with a back and side switch. You use the switch on the back to turn the light on and off. This tactical switch has a momentary-on function. You use the side switch to switch between light modes. You activate the stroboscope mode by pressing the side switch for 0.8 seconds.

Light modes on the Fenix TK22 V2.0

  • Turbo (1600 lumens, 2 hour and 10 minutes)
  • High (500 lumens, 4 hour and 40 minutes)
  • Medium (150 lumens, 17 hours)
  • Eco (30 lumens, 80 hours)
  • Strobe: (1600 lumens)

These light modes were measured with a 21700 battery.


  • Fenix TK22 V2.0
  • Fenix ALF-18 battery holder
  • Sheath
  • Wrist cord
  • Spare o-ring
  • Manual
  • Warranty card

Please note: the light comes without a battery. Need a battery? Also add a 21700 battery or 18650 battery to your order.

  1. Fenix TK22 V2.0 tactical flashlight, 1600 lumens

    Fenix TK22 V2.0 tactical flashlight, 1600 lumens

    • Luminus SST40 LED
    • Beam distance: 405 meters
    • Works with one 21700 or one 18650 battery
    • The grooves on the body and tail cap take care of extra grip
    • Enhanced with a tactical back switch with momentary-on function
    ± 2 weeks