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LionSteel chooses Fatcarbon and MagnaCut! 5 new models were added

LionSteel released 5 cool new versions of the Nano and the Myto. Now with colourful handles made from carbon fibre and Fatcarbon and blades made from CPM MagnaCut steel. To be precise, there are 3 new versions of the Myto and 2 new versions of the Nano. Now available at Knivesandtools.

What is Fatcarbon?

Fatcarbon is the brand name of the eponymous company based in Lithuania. This company produces what is perhaps the best carbon fibre in the world, at least when we're talking about the world of knives. They're known for their continuous innovations in composite materials. With their unique colour combinations and patterns, Fatcarbon is easy to recognise.

FatCarbon on the LionSteel Nano
FatCarbon on the LionSteel Nano
FatCarbon on the LionSteel Myto
FatCarbon on the LionSteel Myto

CPM MagnaCut blades

The regular versions of the LionSteel Nano and Myto feature blades made from Böhler M390 steel, or Chad Nichols damascus in the case of the exclusive model. For these special editions, LionSteel chose to use CPM MagnaCut steel. This is a superb type of supersteel, designed by metallurgist Dr Larrin Thomas, known for his blog KnifeSteelNerds. MagnaCut is unique in the way it offers extremely good sharpness retention, toughness and corrosion resistance, all at the same time. A strong combination of all those features is something you don't really come across very often. It has therefore quickly become one of the most popular steels on the market.

Old Black and...?

The Fatcarbon used for these handles all have black as a base colour, with colourful accents. To make those colours stand out even more, LionSteel has chosen an 'Old Black' finish for the finish of the blades and titanium handle scales. This is a black coating that has been aged by a special process to mimic slight traces of use for a weathered look. This makes the colourful layers in the carbon fibre stand out even more.

We only have a limited number of these knives available. Only available while stock last, so act quickly!