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New Chris Reeve Knives 2021 Mnandi: a reborn classic

Chris Reeve Knives is off to an impressive start with the launch of a new knife for 2021. Well, new. A classic with a new look and feel: the Mnandi. Surprising! Or perhaps not?

The Mnandi is a fancy pocket knife. Enhanced with premium materials and ridiculously good finishes. Compact, but it has definitely been a pillar in the Chris Reeve Knives range for years. The ultimate grail knife for many knife enthusiasts.

After the introduction of the improved Sebenza 31 it was only a matter of time before the Mnandi was up next. Overall the new Mnandi is the same as its predecessor. The difference, however, can be found in the blade. It is now made from brand-new CPM S45VN steel. Compared to S35VN, S45VN is slightly better when it comes to sharpness retention, and it is also easier to sharpen. With it the Mnandi is one of the first knives in the world enhanced with this steel. Chris Reeve Knives also updated the nail nick. This is now a thumb hole. Completely cut out. Instead of partially cut out like its predecessor. As such opening the knife with either one or two hands becomes a lot easier. Also, dirt can no longer accumulate in the nail nick. As such the Mnandi will maintain its clean look and feel.

The new nail nick

The handle was also updated. Only a little. The standard finish of the titanium scales is now a combination of finely sandblasted and polished surfaces. The titanium framelock, invented by Chris Reeve, is the same. It wasn't adjusted with a ceramic lock interface, like was the case with the Sebenza 31. The inlays are also the same. All to make sure this classic is still a little bit classic.

Each Chris Reeve Knives Mnandi you will find in our range is the new Mnandi. Discover them all here.