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Shot Show 2020: the newest CRKT knives

Shot Show 2020, an annual event in Las Vegas. Anyone who has heard of Vegas has heard of the phrase 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'. This week is a massive exception. At the Shot Show brands and designers show off their newest products and talk about their plans for the future. One of these brands is CRKT: Columbia River Knife and Tool. We stopped by to find out more about what great things they have in store for 2020. Below we selected some of the best models. Enjoy!

New CRKT Provoke: the Provoke Imperial White and more

This is for all Provoke fans! After last year's great success, it was only a matter of time. CRKT updated the famous CRKT Provoke! They even did so a couple of times. The cool black and white Provoke Imperial White, the brown-black Provoke Earth, the Provoke with Veff Serrations and the Provoke First Responder with glass breaker.

CRKT Minimalist Cleaver 2383

An old acquaintance in the range is the CRKT Minimalist collection. CRKT expanded this collection this year with the Minimalist Cleaver. The result is a cool fixed knife with a robust blade!

CRKT Tuna 2520

The CRKT Tuna is an attractive pocket knife with flair. Designed by Lucas Burnley. Orange accents adorn the green G10 handle. The Tuna is, with a blade length of 8.1 cm, perfect for daily tasks. A solid framelock locks the blade when opened to make sure you can safely get to work.

CRKT Sketch 2550

Like the Tuna this knife was designed by Lucas Burnley. You can, as such, find similarities between these two cool pocket knives. The colour accent around the pivot, for instance. The Sketch, with a blade length of 7.3 cm, is a lot smaller and looks a little friendlier.

CRKT Parascale 6235

Perhaps the most striking knife in this list is the CRKT Parascale. The handle is enhanced with a piece of brown paracord. Something we, and probably the entire knife world, have never seen before on a folding knife. The steel used is also remarkable. It is namely D2. A rock-solid type of steel that can handle its own!

CRKT Piet 5390

The Piet was designed by none other than Jesper Voxnaes. You can clearly see his design style in the organic shapes and the comet-shaped thumb hole. The handle is made from GRN. A rock-solid material. In short: the Piet can handle its own. Our conclusion? Another CRKT homerun!

CRKT M40 collection

The CRKT M40 collection is comprised of three models with different blade shapes. The M40-02 with tanto-shaped blade, the M40-03 with spearpoint-shaped blade and the M40-15 with Veff Serrations. These knives are also enhanced with the innovative Deadbolt locking mechanism.

CRKT Linchpin collection

The CRKT Linchpin is a cool knife with an organic and appealing design. There are two versions of this knife. A standard version with a grey blade, and the black version enhanced with Veff Serrations. These knives are just like the M40 collection enhanced with the Deadbolt locking mechanism.

CRKT Pilar Copper 5311CU

How do you improve a knife that is already great to begin with? Simple! With a tough copper scale. The Pilar Copper is perfect for those who love a vintage design. We can namely guarantee that a stunning patina will form on the handle.

CRKT Montosa 7115

The new Montosa was designed by Richard Rogers. A famous knife maker. The remarkable aspect of the Montosa is the reversed tanto-shaped blade. It doesn't only look great, this shape is also great for daily use. The stunning G10 handle, however, also looks amazing.

CRKT Chehalem 6540

With a blade length of 7 cm the Chehalem, designed by Erich Ochs, is one of the smaller CRKT knives for 2020. The pointed blade is great for the smaller and more detailed daily tasks. The interesting texture that was added to the handle makes it unique. As such you have a little more extra grip on such a small knife.

CRKT Thero 6290

The Thero is a cool pocket knife and the most striking pocket knife on this list. The GRN handle is enhanced with cut-outs. Because of these cut-outs you can see the underlying layer of carbon fibre. Something you rarely see with knives in this price range. The handle also looks a lot like a fossil. Remarkable!

CRKT Gulf 2796

The Gulf is one of the larger knives on this list. With a total length of 24 cm when opened CRKT mostly appeals to real users. You can also immediately tell when you look at the design: this robust knife was made to withstand everything you throw at it.

CRKT BT Fighter collection

Last but not least: the BT Fighter 5225 with tanto-shaped blade and the BT Fighter Compact 5220 with droppoint-shaped blade. As the name already implies the BT Fighter Compact is a compacter, smaller version. Great for anyone who doesn't want to carry a large pocket knife. The remarkable aspect of this collection is the unique design and the buttonlock locking mechanism.

Great list right? This, however, is only a small selection. There is much more! CRKT didn't sit idly by this year. Below we made a list of all other knives we did not mention.

  • CRKT Xolotl 2265
  • CRKT Nishi 2290
  • CRKT Inara 7140
  • CRKT Minimalist Bowie Gears 2387G
  • CRKT Overland 6280
  • CRKT Apoc collection
  • CRKT Avant-Tac 5820
  • CRKT Full Throttle 7031
  • CRKT M16-13FX
  • CRKT Utsidihi 2752
  • CRKT Burnout 4123K
  • CRKT Xan 2085
  • CRKT Owlet 2716

We hope to have all new products in stock as soon as possible. In the meantime we will be posting multiple topics about our 2020 Shot Show experiences and the newest products. Stay tuned!

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