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Top 10 best EDC flashlights

In many situations a flashlight is indispensable. During a blackout, for instance, or when you are having car trouble. An EDC light is everything you need. They are small enough to always carry with you and powerful enough to make sure they are versatile. But which one will you need? The range of EDC flashlights is massive. For that reason we comprised a top 10 with our best EDC flashlights.

  1.  Fenix E18R rechargeable LED-flashlight

    Fenix E18R rechargeable LED-flashlight

    • 750 lumens
    • Weight: 33 grams
    • Length: 6 cm

    The size and version make the E18R perfect for hiking, camping, fishing and industrial use.The oxidation-resistant aluminium housing and the ultra-thin optical lens are made to withstand everyday use and the toughest elements. The light is namely water- and dust proof according to the IP-68 norm. Becaus of the magnetic bottom you can easily connect the lamp to metal surfaces. Practical during chores or when your car brakes down.

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  2. NiteCore TUP 1000 lumens rechargeable keychain flashlight black

    NiteCore TUP 1000 lumens rechargeable keychain flashlight black

    • 1000 lumens
    • Weight: 72 grams
    • Length: 12.2 cm

    The Fenix E35 Ultimate Edition combines several great flashlight qualities. It’s fairly compact, gives a tremendous amount of light, is easy to operate and well-built. One switch is used for the regular modes and can turn the torch off or on when pressed for over half a second. Pressing it shortly helps you switch between modes. The second switch can be used for strobe and SOS.

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  3. Fenix PD32 V2.0, 1200 lumens, LED flashlight

    Fenix PD32 V2.0, 1200 lumens, LED flashlight

    • 700 lumens
    • Weight: 21 grams
    • Length: 5 cm

    The Fenix E16 is an ultra compact EDC- flashlight. The E16 has a powerful light beam on one 16340 Li-ion battery. This stunning light has a sleek design and is made from strong, oxidation-resistant aluminium with a top-quality HAIII-hard anodized finish.

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  4. Nitecore TIP2 rechargeable keychain flashlight

    Nitecore TIP2 rechargeable keychain flashlight

    • 250 lumens
    • Weight: 87 grams
    • Length: 9.5 cm

    This flashlight is nice and compact and will easily disappear in your pocket or jacket. The narrow part of the casing provides you with a comfortable grip. HDS is mostly known for its exceptionally functional Rotary Switch. This switch has no less than 24 light modes! Each HDS flashlight can be programmed. In the extensive manual listed on the HDS website you can learn more about how to program your light and change the settings.

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  5. LedLenser P7 focusing LED flashlight, 2018-edition

    LedLenser P7 focusing LED flashlight, 2018-edition

    • 1000 lumens
    • Weight: 54 grams
    • Length: 7 cm

    This light gives you a whopping output of 1000 lumens. And that for a light which is only 7 cm long. This light output is realized by a Cree XP-L HD V6 LED light with a maximum reach of 180 meters. The values can normally only be found in larger-sized flashlights. So are you looking for a flashlight that will always fit inside your coat or jeans pocket but with the values of a larger-sized flashlight? If so the NiteCore TUP is exactly what you are looking for.

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  6. Fenix LD30, 1600 lumens incl. 3500mAh 18650-battery

    Fenix LD30, 1600 lumens incl. 3500mAh 18650-battery

    • 1000 lumens
    • Weight: 88 grams
    • Length: 13.9 cm

    A light with a maximum light output of 1000 lumens as compact as this is a rare find. Combined with a beam distance of 232 metres this light will provide you with enough light no matter where you find yourself. In addition to four light modes it is enhanced with a stroboscope, SOS and beacon mode. The tactical switch also contains a momentary-on mode you only need to press halfway to turn the light on.

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Unable to find what you were looking for? Check out all EDC flashlights! We sell a wide range of EDC flashlights from brands such as NiteCore, Fenix, LedLenser and Maglite. At Knivesandtools you will always find an EDC flashlight that will suit your needs best.

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