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New: NiteCore TIKI and the NiteCore TIKI LE rechargeable keychain flashlight, 300 lumens

Nitecore introduces the NiteCore TIKI and the NiteCore TIKI LE: these babies blew us away. We didn't expect much from these 5.2 cm keychain flashlights. The light coming from this small keychain, however, is remarkable! The Osram P8 LED light produces 300 lumens. As such you can light up everything within a distance of 71 meters.

The NiteCore TIKI is incredibly versatile because the body also produces light: UV-light (500mW) and bright white light (22 lumens). You use the ultra-violet light when looking for tracks, while hunting or to check identity cards and money. The white light is softer. Because it is better for your eyes it is the perfect light when, for instance, reading a book in your tent.

The body of the TIKI LE produces red (3 lumen) and blue light (0.8 lumen). When using one of the two signalling colours you can tell others where you are. Perfect when you are experiencing car trouble, but also when you are inspecting a location. To warn others, or to draw someone's attention you can also use the red/blue flashing mode. As such everyone will always see you.

The NiteCore TIKI and TIKI LE both contain a built-in 130mAh Li-Ion battery. Because the battery is built-in, you never have to exchange the batteries. In addition, the light is better protected against water and dust damage. Is the battery dead? You can fully charge it within 1 hour and 20 minutes with a micro-USB cable.

Despite its size the TIKI LE offers a comfortable and solid grip and is easy to use. Because it weighs only 10 grams you don't even notice you have got it with you! Don't underestimate this bad boy! It might be small, but it will blow you away!