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Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro vs TSPROF K03

The Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro and the TSPROF K03 are two of the best sharpening systems in our range. But how do you choose between two sharpening systems that are both so close to perfection? In this side-by-side comparison, we'll explain all the similarities and differences.

What's included with the Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro

There is one available version of the Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro. This consists of the sharpening system and 3 sets of sharpening stones. Of course, the system itself can be expanded with lots of Wicked Edge accessories.

What's included with the TSPROF K03: Master, Expert, Hunter, Complete or Standard

There are many different versions of the TSPROF K03 sharpening system. The difference between these versions is the number of accessories that are added to the sets. For the most part, this means the type of sharpening stones and the number of clamps included. As with the Generation 3 Pro, it's possible to expand the K03 sharpening system with various accessories. Because there are so many versions of the K03 sharpening system, we will only discuss the fundamental differences and similarities between the Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro and the TSPROF K03 in this comparison.

Similarities between Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro and TSPROF K03

Accuracy and repeatability

For starters, both sharpening systems are very accurate. With the Generation 3 Pro, you set the sharpening angle in increments of 0.5 degrees. The sharpening system has a minimum sharpening angle of 13.5 degrees and a maximum sharpening angle of 27.5 degrees (per side). Once you've chosen the sharpening angle, you can make very small, stepless adjustments with an accuracy of 0.05 degrees. You do this by turning the screws of the sharpening stone guides.

The K03 sharpening system has a minimum sharpening angle of 7 degrees and a maximum sharpening angle of 35 degrees. You can make stepless adjustments to the sharpening angle, with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. Simply use the large knob on the side of the sharpening system to do this.

Because both systems are so extremely accurate, it's easy to consistently achieve the same sharpening result with both sharpening systems.


With both sharpening systems, you clamp the knife once. You only have to take the knife out of the clamp again when you have finished sharpening it. Changing the sharpening stones is very quick and easy for both sharpening systems. With the Generation 3 Pro, you slide the guide bar through the handle of the sharpening stones. You don't have to click or unscrew anything. With the K03 sharpening system, a spring keeps the sharpening stone firmly in place. All you need to do is press the spring to change sharpening stones. This makes replacing the sharpening stones relatively quick, easy and pleasant with both sharpening systems.


The dimensions of both sharpening systems are fairly similar. Exact dimensions are always a challenge with sharpening systems. The length, width and weight are dependent on how, what, where and with which accessories you are measuring and weighing. In terms of size, both sharpening systems are mainly suited to sharpening your knives at home. You can put the system on your desk, in your workshop or in the shed. The sharpening systems are supplied in a case, but this doesn't necessarily mean they are very portable. This is because both sharpening systems weigh around 10 kg.

Sharpening stones, clamps and other accessories

An important similarity is that the Wicked Edge and TSPROF both offer a wide range of accessories to expand the sharpening system to your own liking. This could mean other diamond-coated sharpening stones, extra-fine ceramic sharpening stones, leather strops, protractors, adapters for sharpening scissors or chisels, and much more!

Differences between Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro and TSPROF K03

Sharpening the edge

With the K03 sharpening system, you can sharpen one side of the knife at a time. However, you don't have to remove the knife from the clamp to sharpen the other side. You simply turn the entire clamp, knife and all. When it has been turned exactly 180 degrees, a magnet automatically clicks the clamp back into place so that the sharpening angle on both sides of the blade is the same.

With the Generation 3 Pro sharpening system, you don't have to rotate the clamp or the knife. You can sharpen both sides of the edge almost simultaneously. Because you can use the sharpening stones separately from each other, it's also possible to sharpen a single-sided knife on the Wicked Edge sharpening system.


The base of the K03 sharpening system is nothing more than that. It is a base that holds the sharpening system firmly in place. It's possible to remove the base of the sharpening system, which also makes it possible to screw the K03 sharpening system directly onto your workbench, for example.

The Generation 3 Pro's base cannot be removed or secured to a workbench. The base does serve as a handy storage place for the sharpening stones.

Clamps and maximum blade length

The Generation 3 Pro has one clamp that you can use to firmly clamp knives with a maximum blade thickness of 4.7 mm. The guide bars are 8 inches (20.3 cm) long. Want to sharpen longer knives? Longer 10 or 12 inch guide bars are available as an accessory. Clamping knives is very fast with the Generation 3 Pro. You can clamp a knife really quickly thanks to the quick-clamp feature. This feature is a lever that can open and close the clamp with one simple movement.

A variety of clamps for different types of knives are available for the K03 sharpening system. For example, there is a single clamp for holding pocket knives, outdoor knives or kitchen knives up to a blade length of 20 cm. TSPROF has two double clamps for knives longer than 20 cm or for flexible knives. These are a standard double clamp and a 'fillet' double clamp with an extra thin jaw. The latter enables you to sharpen at a very low sharpening angle. To clamp a knife in the K03 sharpening system, loosen the screws in the clamp until the back of the knife fits into the clamp. Then re-tighten the screws to clamp the blade in place.

Which sharpening system will you choose?

Both sharpening systems are comparable in terms of accuracy, versatility, dimensions and convenience. With the large amount of accessories, both sharpening systems can be expanded as desired. The TSPROF is slightly more economical in that respect. Wicked Edge makes up for this with how quickly and easily you open and close the clamp with the quick-clamp lever. Clamping a knife takes a lot less time than clamping a knife in the TSPROF K03 sharpening system.

If you're mainly going to be sharpening relatively long kitchen knives, then the K03 sharpening system is the most suitable in the first instance. For the Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro, you first need the longer guide bars.

The fact that the base of the K03 sharpening system can be removed so you can attach the sharpening system to a workbench is also worth considering.

Which sharpening system is best depends entirely on your preferences. But whether you decide on the Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro or the TSPROF K03, you'll be getting one of the most accurate, versatile and expandable sharpening systems in return! A sharpening system that can sharpen your knives to an almost microscopic degree of precision!