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DMT Diamond sharpening stone, coarse, F70C

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Attach this compact sharpening stone with a diamond sharpening surface to your bunch of keys, and you will always have the option to quickly touch up your knives' edge. The size of the stone is naturally very small, but this is a proper DMT sharpening stones with the quality that goes with that brand. Therefore it is a sharpening stone to take seriously.

The stone with the famous DMT pattern with holes can be folded into the transparant handle after use. This construction gives you a good grip on the stone and makes it nice and small when you are not using it.

Information about the grit sizes of DMT sharpening stones The grit sizes of a diamond stone and a water stone can not easily be compared. This is because the construction and the used materials are significantly different. The sharpening grits of a water stone are incorporated in the stone. These grits will come loose from the stone during sharpening, creating some sort of sharpening paste. In a diamond stone, the diamonds are fixed in the surface of the stone.

Important to know With DMT sharpening stones you can choose to sharpen either dry or wet. The advantage of wet sharpening is that the stone is lubricated and the sharpening remains are removed. You should always use water, not oil, for wet sharpening. Also, it is important to know that a diamond stone has to be made ready for sharpening. A new sharpening stone works just a little too coarsely. Only after 5 to 10 knives the stone works as intended.


Brand DMT
Colour blue
Country of origin USA

DMT Diamond sharpening stone, coarse, F70C


General information

Brand DMT
Colour blue
Country of origin USA
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects lifetime
Series Pocket models
Number 1 pieces


Material polycarbonate
Abrasive diamond
cohesive agent nickel

Features & functions

Fixed sharpening angle no
Grit according to supplier coarse
Type sharpening stone
delivered with sharpening guides no
Use with water optional
Grit size Coarse (220-600)

Scope of delivery

delivered as a set no
Storage box / etui yes

Dimensions & weight

Weight 28 grams
Length 15.4 cm
Height 0.4 cm
Width 2.5 cm
Height storage box / etui 0.8 pick
Height usable part 0.4 cm
Length storage box 9.2 pick
Length usable part 6.9 cm
Width storage box 3 pick
Width usable part 2.5 cm
€ 14,90

In stock

Fast delivery from our own stock

0 review(s)

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