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Envirofit Rocket stove M-5000 black, BS0003

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This product is no longer available

Full description

The basis of the Envirofit Rocket Stove M-5000 is very similar to the Rocket Stove G-3300. The difference, however, can be found in, amongst others, the handles and the materials. For instance, the M-5000 has an air shield which means that the stove doesn’t need any insulation material around the combustion chamber. The heat-resistant handles are made from wood and collapsible.

The stove is robust but still very light. With a weight of only 3.9 kilos this stove will be perfect on the campsite, during a picnic, or simply to be enjoyed outside in your garden. This stove enables you to cook wherever you like with only a little amount of coal or wood.

The top ring is made from cast-iron and the barrel is made from steel and enhanced with heat-resistant plastic handles. The bottom of the combustion chamber has been made from heat-resistant stone. The rack that comes with the stove can be used to support your wood while it is burning. You can also use this Rocket Stove to grill your food with the Envirofit Go Grill accessory.

Place the rack in front of the stove and put pieces of wood on top, slightly inside the combustion chamber. The part of the wood that has been placed inside the chamber is the part that will burn so as it burns you need to carefully slide it further inside. You can control the temperature by adding smaller or larger pieces of wood. You can extinguish the fire by letting the wood burn up or by removing the wood from the combustion chamber.

Envirofit is an American organization that focuses on developing non-food products with a minimal environmental impact. Their goal? Creating a better living environment worldwide. Keeping these goals in mind Envirofit has designed cooking and heating systems that drastically reduce the amount of toxic gases.


Brand Envirofit
Colour black
Country of origin China

Envirofit Rocket stove M-5000 black, BS0003


General information

Brand Envirofit
Colour black
Country of origin China
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 2 year


Material wood, steel, cast iron

Dimensions & weight

Weight 3900 grams
Length 40 cm
Height 27 cm
Width 40 cm

Features & functions

Feet no
Chimney no
Draft door no
Fuel wood
Can be used as a heater no

Scope of delivery

Carrier bag no
Fuel included no

This product is no longer available

0 review(s)

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