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Spyderco 308F Golden Stone sharpening stone, fine

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The Spyderco Golden Stone sharpening stone fine, 308F has a striking shape that looks a lot like a duck foot. This design makes the stone unique and practical.

When you place the stone vertically on a flat surface, the curve facing up, you are left with a 20-degree angle to sharpen knives. When you put the stone on its side you will have a 12.5-degree angle to sharpen scissors.

You can also use it as a sharpening stone. The front and back of the stone have a large surface. From knives to chisels, and other tools: with this stone you can sharpen many edges. The stone is made from aluminium oxide (synthetic sapphire). On the Mohs scale these stones have a hardness of 9.2. To compare, diamond had a hardness of 10.

You don't need water or oil to use this sharpener. The sharpening stone can safely be cleaned in the dishwasher or autoclave, but you can, also easily clean it with a little liquid abrasive.

In terms of grain size the Spyderco Golden Stone 308F is a 15 to 25 micron.

This stone comes with a leather storage case.


Brand Spyderco
Colour white
Country of origin USA

Spyderco 308F Golden Stone sharpening stone, fine


General information

Brand Spyderco
Colour white
Country of origin USA
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects lifetime
Number 1 pieces


Material aluminum
Abrasive white aluminum oxide, Synthetic sapphire
cohesive agent Ceramic-bound

Features & functions

Grit according to supplier 20 micron
Type sharpening stone
delivered with sharpening guides no
Use with water no
Grit size Fine (1000-3000)

Scope of delivery

delivered as a set no
delivered with stand no
Storage box / etui yes
Including sheat

Dimensions & weight

Weight 252 grams
Length 18.3 cm
Height 0.6 cm
Width 7.6 cm
Height storage box / etui 0.3 pick
Height usable part 0.6 cm
Length storage box 20 pick
Length usable part 13 cm
Width storage box 9.3 pick
Width usable part 7 cm
€ 89,00 € 119,95

In stock

Fast delivery from our own stock

0 review(s)

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