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Home Pocket knives & multitools Swiza Swiza TT05 Tick Tool, Swiss pocket knife with tick tool, khaki

Swiza TT05 Tick Tool, Swiss pocket knife with tick tool, khaki

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The Swiza TT05 Tick Tool is a practical Swiss pocket knife with a unique feature: a tick-tool. This is a practical tool you can use to remove ticks. These nasty little creatures bite into your skin, or the skin of your pet. Properly removing a tick is difficult. You need the right tools and you need to check to see if you removed all of it. That is where the Swiza TT models can come in handy.

Swiza Tick Tool

The Swiza Tick Tool is comprised of a specifically formed plastic tool. The tool has been enhanced with a V-groove which is also shaped as a V from top to bottom. You press this tool flat on the skin over the tick after which the V-shape gentle removes the tick. With the built-in magnifying glass you can check to see if you have removed it properly.

This Tick Tool is developed in cooperation with a researcher from a Swiss university who specializes in ticks. If you've been bitten by a tick and removed it with the Tick Tool it is wise to save it. There are namely ways to have the tick tested to see if it can transfer Lyme disease. Consult your GP to learn more.

Swiza TT05

The first thing you notice is the modern ergonomic, shape of the knives. The innovation is evident when you look at the lock. You unlock the knife by pressing down the logo on the handle. Swiza also takes left-handed users into account by cutting out a piece of the blade which can be used from both sides.

Maintenance-friendly materials

Swiza claims that you can easily place its pocket knives in the dishwasher without any negative side-effects. We decided to test this theory. You can ready more about it here. Our conclusion is that Swiza pocket knives do remarkably well in the dishwasher. We do, however, recommend you clean Swiza pocket knives by hand.

Whether you do decide to clean your Swiza pocket knife in the dishwasher or not. It is a great maintenance-friendly pocket knife.

Swiza tools


The blade is made from 440 stainless steel that is hardened up to a rockwell-hardness of 57. You can easily open the knife with the cut-out in the blade. In addition to that you still have enough grip on the blade to open it by squeezing it and pulling it open. If you have difficulty with a nail groove opening. Once opened the lock ensures that the knife won't close when you don't want it to. Classic Swiss pocket knives don't have a lock. You unlock the blade by pressing the Swiss cross. As such you push aside the ledge that keeps the blade opened. Then close the blade.


What do you use an awl for? For all tasks you wouldn't use the tip of your knife for! The awl has a one-sided grind. As such it is great to make markings on wood. Which side of the line should you adhere to when you mark something with a pencil? With an awl this isn't a problem. In addition, it is very practical to use an awl to prick into soft metals. To mark where you should drill for instance. When you are done remodelling and the champagne is uncorked an awl will also come in handy to remove the foil from the cork!

Bottle opener

In addition to removing the corks from bottles this tool has a couple of other functions. At the base of this tool you will find a small cut-out. This is the wire bender. The head of the bottle opener is flat. Can be used as a screwdriver, scraper but also to pry with.


When removing the foil from the cork you can remove it with the corkscrew. The most creative way of using a corkscrew is using it as a coat rack. Turn the corkscrew into a wall and use the handle as a hanger.

Wood saw

Cutting a branch for an improvised tent herring, or cutting kindle: it is possible with the wood saw on this Swiza pocket knife. Clever about this saw is that it is thicker around the serrations than on the spine. As such it won't get caught in the wood.


The tweezers on a Swiss pocket knife are often used to remove splinters. The advantage of these tweezers is that the head is already bevelled. As a result the tweezers already have a 'tip': for the real detailed tasks. The full width of the tweezers is used by slightly tilting them.


Finish blade polished
Right or left-handed right-handed
Blade shape drop point

Swiza TT05 Tick Tool, Swiss pocket knife with tick tool, khaki


Features & functions

Finish blade polished
Right or left-handed right-handed
Blade shape drop point
Type of edge plain edge
Tools corkscrew, tweezers, screwdriver, saw, bottle opener, scraper, wire stripper, tick tool, magnifying glass, knife, awl
Opening system nail nick
Type Swiss army knife
Pocket clip no
Lock liner-lock
Can be opened with one hand no
Way of sharpening flat, Western sharpening angle
MOLLE-compatible no
Sharpening angle 18º
Number of tools 11

General information

Brand Swiza
Colour khaki, silver
Can be engraved yes
Country of origin Switzerland
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects lifetime
Series Tick Tool


Material handle plastic
Type of steel 440
Hardness 57 HRC

Scope of delivery

Pouch no
Sheath no

Dimensions & weight

Weight 105 grams
Blade height 1.5 cm
Blade length 7.4 cm
Closed length 9.6 cm
Cutting edge length 7
Blade thickness 2.4 mm
Total length 16.5 cm
€ 54,95

In stock

Fast delivery from our own stock

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