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AA Batteries

At Knivesandtools you can find different types and brands of AA batteries. Our range contains both rechargeable batteries and batteries for single use. There are three different cell types for AA batteries. These are alkaline, lithium and NiMh.

Alkaline AA batteries: these batteries cannot be recharged. As such the batteries are often very affordable. The chances of leakage, however, are bigger than for rechargeable batteries. If you leave your alkaline batteries in a device for a long time, you run the risk of battery leakage. That's why you need to replace the alkaline batteries in time.

NiMH batteries: these are rechargeable batteries. These batteries are a little more expensive but have a longer life because they can be recharged. NiMH batteries won't leak.

Lithium batteries: lithium batteries have a higher capacity than alkaline batteries. The lithium battery can hold its charge up to 12 years and even continues to function at lower temperatures. These batteries can leak but not as easily as alkaline batteries. As such this type of battery is a great choice for devices that are not used on a daily basis. Do check in advance if your device can handle lithium batteries.