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LED torches & batteries

Duracell CR123A batteries

We sell only the highest quality CR123a batteries by Duracell. Due to high volume purchasing, we can offer these at a competitive price, separately or in sharply prices sets.

Rechargeable CR123A batteries

We have stopped selling rechargeable CR123a batteries (also known as RCR123a). The reason for this is that the type of cell required for these batteries, is only made by B-lable manufacturers. A-label brands such as Panasonic and Sanyou do not make this type of cells, making it impossible for us to offer a product of this type which we can fully support.

Besides, there are plenty of torches that work perfectly with 18650 batteries. These are the approximate same size as 2 CR123a batteries, but have a much greater capacity than those 2 rechargeable CR123a batteries.

Of our own brand, we supply a very good 18650 battery with an extremely reliable Panasonic cell and a capacity of 3400 mAh.