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What are the best pruning shears?

Pruning your garden is something you have to do each year. To end up with the best results and to keep the work fun good pruning shears are a must. We will tell you what good pruning shears should adhere to.

What are the best pruning shears?

When someone asks us what the best pruning shears are, the answer is always: depends on what you want to prune. For each task there is the right pair of shears. To finely cut flowers you use pointed floral shears. Pruning smaller branches and bushes up to approximately two centimeter is a piece of cake with pruning shears and there are special Bonsai-scissors to prune Bonsai trees. For thicker branches you use branch loppers. To neatly shape a hedge it is best to use razor-sharp hedge shears.

In short: for each task there is the right pair of shears.

What characterizes good pruning shears?

It is not great if you are dealing with cramped hands full of blisters when you are pruning. The first important characteristic is therefore the comfort of the shears. The shears should feel great in hand. Not too big and definitely not too small. There are pruning shears for large and small hands and there are even shears perfect for left-handed users. In addition, the handle should be made from a material that will enable you work for a long time and won't easily slip from your hands. Better safe than sorry!

Just as important are the results. The blade should be as sharp as possible to make sure you cut through the branch and don't crush it.

A final important characteristic is that the shears need to be sustainable to make sure you don't have to go out and purchase new ones each year. Both the constructions and the materials are key. Some blades can be sharpened and some shears offer you the option to replace the blades.

In short: good pruning shears need to be razor-sharp, feel great in hand and have a sustainable construction.

Great pruning shears

Great brands are Felco, Fiskars and Okatsune. When it comes to robustness Okatsune is slightly better than the rest. The constructions are incredibly simple, simply because they work. You don't need more. Felco pruning shears offer you everything good pruning shears need, and they look great. Felco shears are accurately assembled by hand in Switzerland. The adjustment and packaging is even applied by hand, with the same precision. As such Felco shears are delivered in perfect condition and are perfectly adjusted. Fiskars pruning shears weigh next to nothing and are incredibly sustainable.

The details definitely make a difference. These brands pay attention to safety, comfort and user-friendliness. Aspects other, cheaper brands pay less attention to.

The right shears for any task

Generally speaking you need four types of shears to carry out most pruning work in your garden. The pruning shears are perfect for the small, fine work, with the hedge shears you can trim all your hedges and with the branche loppers and the tree saw you can tackle bushes and trees.

However, most people often purchase one type to prune their entire garden. The results being that that one pair breaks because it is used to cut through branches that are too thick. For that reason you should always purchase the right pair for the right task. Your shears will last longer and you don't have to go out to purchase new ones as often.