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Böker Buying Guide: which Böker knife will suit me best?

Böker Solingen has been producing amazing knives for over 150 years. But there are many different collections. There are, for instance, knives for every budget and for various purposes. That is why we will help you find the right Böker knife.

Böker Manufaktur

Böker's flagship and show-piece is the Manufaktur collection. These are the knives that Böker produces in Solingen, the knife capital of Germany. Here the experts at Böker produce excellent knives on a daily basis. Especially the Traditionals from the Manufaktur collection stand out. Barlows, Trappers, Stockmans: you will find some of the best in Europe produced slipjoints in this collection.

Böker Plus

In the Böker Plus collection you will find Böker knives that were not produced in Solingen. Knives from this collection come from Asia, Italy or even the United States. Here you will also find many cooperations with famous designers such as Lucas Burnley, Brad Zinker and Chad Los Banos. Are you looking for a fine EDC pocket knife? You will find it in the Plus collection!

Böker Magnum

When the price-quality ratio is key you should look at the Böker Magnum collection. Knives made in Asia for amazing prices. It is sometimes hard to believe knives can be produced for these prices.

Böker straight razors

Anyone who thinks Böker only produces fixed knives and pocket knives is wrong: Böker namely also produces very popular straight razors! The blades of these straight razors are subjected to 18 steps to make the ultimate shaving experience possible. Böker is so unique at this that this part of their production process is a real trade secret. Some of these knives have been a part of the Böker range for over 100 years.

Böker kitchen knives

Even in the kitchen Böker proves its worth. Böker produces different cool collections of kitchen knives. Almost all of them are produced in Solingen. The designs vary from classic German to Japanese and even contemporary. As such there are Böker kitchen knives for every kitchen.