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Pocket knives & multitools

Böker Plus knives: amazing knives with a great price-quality ratio!

Böker Plus knives offer you appealing designs for a great price. That is the core. In Solingen, Germany experts have developed more knives than can be produced in the factory. For that reason Böker decided to produce the Plus-collection in factories elsewhere in the world. As such there are Böker Plus knives from Italy, the United States and China. They all have one thing in common: they offer you an amazing price-quality ratio. That is what the Böker Plus collection excels at.

Böker Plus: so many people, so many knives

Another great aspect of the Plus collection is the enormous variety of designs that come out every year. Especially a lot of cooperations with famous knife makers. The handmade work of these experts is hardly accessible. By mass-producing these designs for the Plus collection Böker is able to introduce many designs every single year. As such there is something for everyone. From stylish gentleman's knives to robust outdoor knives, and everything in between.

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