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How do you clean a sheet steel pan?

Sheet steel pans such as those made by De Buyer are inexpensive and can last a lifetime. The non-stick coating you apply yourself is perfect because you can also restore it whenever necessary. However, how do you clean a sheet steel pan?.

What you shouldn’t do

It might not be a very nice way to start off this how-to but we find it important to tell you what you shouldn’t do: dishwashers, detergents or any other cleaning products are a definite no-go when it comes to sheet steel pans. Believe us on this one. Don’t do it. A sheet steel pan hates acids and well, basically everything that is used in most cleaning products. You will not only risk your seasoning process, you will probably also end up with a whole lot of rust.

Cleaning after use

As with most great pans you first need to let it cool off before you hold it underneath your tap. Hot water might be really hot, it is nothing compared to the heat your pan has just been exposed to on your stove. If you would immediately add (cold) water the pan would have to deal with a thermic shock it will definitely not benefit from.

After cooling rinse it with hot water and brush it down with a brush. Do not use detergent, simply let the hot water do its work. You could also let it soak for a minute, but don’t leave it out overnight.

Persistent proteins: salt is the answer!

Sometimes you can be bothered by persistent accumulated protein remains. Impossible to remove with water and a brush, and putting it on the stove filled with water and detergent is also a definite no-go. The answer is this: properly dry off the pan and place it on a low heat. Add a half cup of salt and grab a paper towel. With this paper towel you will start using the salt as a sort of mild abrasive that will help you remove any protein remains. Make sure you do not accidently touch the hot pan.

When you notice that the salt no longer sticks to the insides of the pan you are good to go. All you have to do now is remove the salt. And that’s it, you once again have a clean pan. Afterwards you could also add a couple drops of oil to the pan for some extra protection!

Seasoning a sheet steel pan

Have you accidentally damaged the seasoning/patina of the pan? Simply season it again.