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New: Kai Special Edition 2018 sets

Kai is ready for the holidays and for that reason the world-famous Japanese kitchen brand has introduced a couple of exclusive sets. As of now we sell four Special Edition 2018 kits which are only limitedly available. Each of these sets is great as a gift. Or to keep yourself of course! And remember: they are only available this year! We love to tell you more about the striking sets.

Kai Shun Nagare x cutting board

A great chef’s knife and a sturdy cutting board: you actually don’t need more to start cooking. This 2018 Special Edition set is comprised of just that. You receive a 20 cm chef’s knife from the Shun Nagare collection and a stunning oak wood cutting board.

Some kitchen knives are not meant to be placed in your kitchen drawer, they need to be seen. The best example, of course, being the Shun Nagare collection. The combination of the VG2 and VG10 steel to end up with 72 layers of Damasteel is pure art.

The chef’s knife in this set doesn’t only look stunning, it is also amazing to work with. With a hardness of 61 HRC. This stunning knife is accompanied by an oak wood cutting board. As a result you will immediately own a practical basic set that will help you tackle vegetables, meat and fish

Kai Shun Classic x BBQ Chicken Spice Mix

This is a spicy set! The Kai Shun Classic carving knife is razor-sharp and will cut through any turkey with ease. The strong VG-MAX core on the blade is enhanced with 32 layers of stunning Damasteel.

The Turkey (or chicken, whatever you prefer) can, because of this set, also be seasoned with the original BBQ Chicken Spice Mix from Ingo Holland. This German chef is known as a true herb expert. Turkey a bit dull for Christmas? With these herbs it will taste like never before.

Kai Shun Tim Mälzer x cook book Neue Heimat

If you have mastered the German language this is a great gift set! You receive a stunning 15 cm Santoku knife from the Kai Shun Premier Tim Mälzer collection – designed by the German television chef Tim Mälzer – and a cook book also from his hand.

There is little left to say about the Santoku. After all, this is a true classic. A razor-sharp and stunning Damasteel blade, which is also partially hammered. Quality only Kai can deliver.

The cook book, on the other hand, might require more explanation. It is, as mentioned, written by German television chef Mälzer. The cook book is called “Neue Heimat”, which refers to the German kitchen which becomes more and more internationally oriented. No haute-cuisine with a number of exotic products, but original dishes that are perfect for any amateur chef.

Features of a Kai Wasabi Black Knife

Wasabi Black blade

Wasabi Black knives are enhanced with a thin blade and, as such, razor-sharp. The polished blades are made from 6A/1K6 steel, with a hardness of 57 HRC. This series consists of knives with a one-sided grind and a double-sided grind. The slightly curved spine of the blade gives you lots of control.

Wasabi Black handle

The rock-solid black handle is highly resistant to moisture. The chestnut-shaped handle feels great in hand, thanks to the combination of bamboo powder and polypropylene. With a knife from the Wasabi Black collection, you introduce your kitchen to an amazing knife.